September 29, 2022

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54 thoughts on “Guys Very Important

      1. Thank you. I took a screen shot of both and i have the receipts if you need to see it. At work now i will check when i get off. Thanks again

      2. Hi Gina .. Yes I paid via PayPal on the site 2x just to make sure I was doing it correctly and when I went to join the page it stated that I already existed but not allowing me to login. The PayPal email is Badgyalyardie .

      3. Gina I think I found the problem why I am not getting the email. I have Badgyalyardie as PayPal and my email is Badgyalyadie without the “R”. I paid 2x I hope you are able to find it if not I will screen shot the payments. I paid through the link and tried to set up the account with my current email Badgyalyadie and it stated I already exist with this email and cannot continue 😩😩😩😩. Sorry for the inconvenience

      4. That is probably everyone’s problem. Ill look for it and get everyone situated if it takes me all day and night

    1. I used the same email and it still didn’t come. I did it last night around 6 something and still no email as of this am.

  1. This is the msg that comes up. I did go in & paid anyway but didn’t receive an email. I have no idea what I’m doing wrong. 😔

    Error! Invalid Request. Could not find a match for the given security code and the user ID.

  2. Hey Ms G, I just clicked on the link you posted and it said there was an error it routed me back to page were you need to make a payment. I have already paid and I keep redreshing my email but they haven’t sent me the link… my pay pal email is the same as my email…

    1. Llast time meaning when? before I went private? when did you pay if you are taking about january then yes i explained that to everyone and 95% of the people said it was all good how much did you pay last time and under what email hun

  3. Hi I paid for the year yesterday Feb. 18th and I used the email through my Paypal and I can view only what you email me! I never received a link after I paid to create a new login and my old login doesn’t work as you stated it wouldn’t! My email is

      1. When I looked in my wordpress my user name is Lcottlemonk it’s the same as a few weeks ago

      2. no i just put you in user name will be lcottle right now use the pw Tocktick987 first t is capital you should be able to accesss everything now and u can change the pw

    1. now try it with the user name lcottle and i will email u the pw its going to the yahoo account i registered u you should be good

  4. I never realised you get sent an email, Now I have access definitely point that out int the registration process page.

  5. used the email address on the email used to send this messaged… have not received link.. paid through paypal

  6. Omggggg I tried SO HARD not to bother you G lol so…. I calmed my ass down n read ALLLLLL the damn comments n followed 1 instruction I did NOT do n that’s CHECK MY SPAM n there my registration email waiting for me so patiently lol keep in mind I NEVER CHECK MY SPAM EMAIL section lol any who I’m SO RELIEVED so be back in lol

  7. I paid yesterday with PayPal for the year and never received a registration link. It just returned me back to your site and said thank you (annual). I use the same email for PayPal and the website. When I tried clicking the registration email you linked for us, it said error.

    1. everyone has there unique own email link i sent everyone one yesterday ill have everyone up and running by wed morning the latest just bare with me

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