October 1, 2022

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28 thoughts on “I Think It’s finally done.

  1. So can we pay by paypal? I noticed the PayPal link is gone. I paid two nights ago but i know its been crazy. Ill pay the dollar amyways. I need my sugar girl.

  2. I’ll come back tomorrow & hopefully there’ll be a registration page. It’s almost midnight where I am. 😩🧐

  3. hey G I’ve been gone for few day so I’m completely lost as to what’s going on but I am getting all your email notifications and I paid the first time so what should I do? I don’t mean to bother you or be a pest I’m just lost as to what I should do….my email it Therae.foeman@gmail.com and I did get the notification when the dollor was received… please just let me know what to do….I haven’t been kicked out yet

    1. she explained that she is now going to a monthly payment system, now we’re trying to figure out where to pay our monthly dues.

      1. I don’t want a Monthly debit. How about I give you $12 for the year and call our business even? I have enough monthlies to manage. One less is better.

  4. Im in! Use the email links. Go back to your email and find her last email saying try again. That link takes you to paypal. Pay via pay pal. A new email will arrive telling u to register and create user name and password. Do that and one last email arrives saying you are done.

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