July 6, 2022

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201 thoughts on “Guys let me know

    1. You can’t just pay with your credit or debit card thru pay pal? That’s what I did bc I don’t have a paypal acc and don’t wanna make one.

  1. I still cannot see anything! This is highly irritating. I’m going to have to go. I’ve tried to support, but there’s always some type of glitch and it is annoying. You shouldn’t go private until all the glitches are worked out because there is NO glitch accepting my money. Y’all can’t have this.

    1. I understand your frustration but she won’t know what’s the problem, until it actually occurs. I just got full access to the blog with her last link. It was only via email for me previously. Just give it a few, I’m sure it will work out for us all.

  2. I logged in and paid wasn’t able to last night. Tried reading post on Mariah told me to login. It didn’t show article took me to my account info no emails either last one from word press said I completed registration nothing in junk fold either

  3. Correction I can only see the emails it says user not found when I log in whichnis funny because I have a whole page I never use on here myself 🤷🏽‍♀️

    1. No you dont have to send another screenshot because i dont sned the emails you have to do just like everyone else did that got it
      you have to sign up and register then they take you to what you are gonna pay and they give u a user name

      1. I will just read it from the emails. I don’t have to use the App.
        I did get the link to sign into the App, but it didn’t work.
        No big deal.

  4. I just checked my junk mail and found the email from Word Press. I completed the registration and now I can see everything.

  5. I can only see through email, I can’t login. Whenever i go to the member log in it says not found. Earlier today when i paid for the yearly subscription through the link I don’t recall it asking me for membership information.

  6. After I paid, I got an email to finish registration. After I registered and logged in I was able to view blog as normal.

  7. I had no problems paying on PayPal when prompted to join- I then received an email to register, came back and registered, and now I’m here. All good.

  8. I paid earlier today…still waiting on email to continue registration. And I’ve looked in my spam/junk folder.

  9. I registered when we first set up the blog, and I paid for the whole year today and now it says user not found when I try to login (I never got any email besides a paypal receipt)

    1. how did you pay today? u just click the button that i usually have up or you just sent the 10 to pay pal? what is you r email?

      1. so i searched your name and it says username incomplete meaning you did not do the username part there was suppose to be a link that directed you to pick a username did you not get that? I also just sent one out to all incompllete members

  10. no problem for me…i paid thru paypal this morning and registered just now via the email that was sent & im good to go!!

  11. I paid then received an email from WordPress with a link to Register. Once I registered (created Username and PW), I received another email with a link directing me back to NCYDK. I signed in with the new username and pw I had just created and was able to view the full site. I paid as a guest thru Paypal btw. Good luck!

  12. I paid the $1 originally and then I just tried to set up an account so it directed me to PayPal, paid but it didn’t redirect so that I could finish the login setup

      1. I did pay by PayPal but not ever got an email. I tried to use the link on here to make a user name and register but it keeps coming up as an error code. I did email you earlier today with my infomation

  13. I might be super late but I think it worked fine. I actually have the app so I don’t go to the website. I got the registration link, singed up, got an emailed receipt and completed my registration through the link that was sent to me.

  14. I can see your post threw my email but not the blog because I can’t log in at the moment . But I this pohone is new so I’m going to make sure it isn’t my security .

  15. Ok now I cannot see the Mariah Carey story. I logged out and logged back in and it says “content not available for my membership level” but my login says special membership $3.

  16. Okay this is weird cause I can see the blog at certain times if I refresh the page enough times. I paid the full year earlier, and never got an email about completing registration. So I’m not sure if I should buy again? I only have the emailed receipt from PayPal and nothing from WordPress to pick a username and whatnot

      1. I also paid through paypal and I have the same email but I still haven’t received the link. Then I tried emailing the attorneypcarr@gmail.com address like the email said for a manual add to the blog but the address came back invalid.

  17. G how do we change our user name that you gave us when you manually added us?
    Also this new way is a bit more complicated even after I log in either on my phone or laptop with the info you gave me it keeps telling me to log in to see comment within a few minutes..


  18. Disregard the changing username comment, i will just keep it like this no need to add more work for you.. ^_^


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