October 1, 2022

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42 thoughts on “For Those With No Pay Pal

    1. Now I’m unable to login to view your content. My password reset problem has been done three times and it still will say I’m not logged in but I can see this content on this post.

  1. I paid for the year through pay pal but I don’t have a pay pal account, now I’m stuck because I don’t have a pay pay user name

    1. Now I can’t login with my user name and password. I clicked on join us and got my confirmation email.. however it won’t allow me to login with my original username and password. Help please

      1. I’m having the same issue it logged me out my WordPress acct so idk if I have to log back in or what….. I paid this morning when I got in from the club. Lol so HELP US G lol do we have to log back in and do it all over when we pay each month?

      2. Hey, if you haven’t already you should receive an email asking you to create your registration where you create a username and password to access the contents. It’s not the same as what you are using to comment on this post as G is now using a different system. Hope that makes sense. Some of the emails are taking longer to get to people. Just check all folders including spam and junk 🙂

  2. I was a paid member and got booted out. There isn’t a join us membership form it just has us go back to the payment options.

  3. Hi guys, if you’ve paid then you need to wait for the registration email to come through to set up your account. It will ask you to create a username and password. You can’t just use the login details that you are using to comment with if that makes sense. It’s a different system.

  4. Anything that is older than the 15th is blocked and ask you to login again. I tried that many times and it’s just goes back to screen to login. New password that gets sent, never allows you access to the site. However anything current I can view and comment on, but everything else requires a login. When I’m obviously logged in bc I can view the content. I have screenshots of it showing in following you but no access. And I have the screenshot of my payment at 1154 am EST.

    1. Did you get the registration email? That is the only way you can create an account. The account you are commenting from is not connected to the new system. Some of the emails are taking longer to get to be people but you will definitely receive one soon.

      1. it will come just be patient OK check your spam and Junk. Some won’t get it till later remember its sending out a bunch at once,

  5. I’m sorry Gina! I’m at work and can’t scroll through all the comments for similar problem with an Answer. I paid the annual through the PayPal link. But I signed up and paid originally the $1 through gmail. Is that affecting why my login isn’t working? Will someone be able to advise me what I’m doing wrong?

    1. Hi, you need to create a username and password. A registration link should have been sent to you containing your unique registration link. When did you sign up and what email address did you use?

      1. I have the username and password from the initial $1. Used google pay. When I go to log in now, it directs me to the subscription options. I selected the annual option. It took me to PayPal. I used the guest payment option. I do see the payment has been processed. I saw something Gina said about having to wait a bit for the paypal. But I did it last night. My email is my username at gmail. The original registration was done a couple of days after she came on WP. I have never received links.

      2. That’s because she was using a different system then so you wouldn’t have needed the link are talking about. She’s changed over now. When exactly did you pay because it’s $1 a month and she’s been on WordPress for longer than that?

      3. Haha! How did I get my own email wrong? Probably because I was soo geeked. Embarrassing!!! Thank you for researching it, I will email you today.

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