August 16, 2022

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18 thoughts on “Even J.D is down with The Nicki Hate. Updated

  1. Lol.. G why these people keep trying you…🤔😒 your right this is YOUR BLOG.
    You spies 👀Let this woman be great

  2. SMH where is the lie? G posted the truth. Those young girls only know of Nicki Minaj as the greatest female rapper – to them. There’s nothing wrong with them using her ss their inspiration.

    1. Nobody yet thats coming this weekend i got a lot on my plate. Your just gonna have to be patient for a couple of more days if it’s too much to take I would find another blog I apologize.

  3. Why would they think you would take your opinion off of your personal blog like stop lurking lol .. anyways
    Damn does she really deserve the hate though like it’s one thing to allow a person to fall back gracefully but they like throwing dirt in ya face too .
    Nicki you better push the fuck threw 💪🏾!

  4. I swear it’s sad because Nicki has been out since those kids were in pull ups!! I’m including mixtape days because I heard of her when she was with Gucci.. but everybody knows that Nicki was running things for years!!! There was no competition… I know you can’t stay at the top forever, but these folks are literally doing whatever they can to diminish her credibility, and that’s not right.. As big as Nicki was, she really could have had her own label or her own hip hop show to put ppl on… This is so sad..

  5. I know im late but just now catching up on all the sugar. I was never a huge Nicki fan but you are right. We will miss her cuz all these bubblegum rapper girls don’t even have bars or talent, just a lot of ig followers.

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