The Truth About The Death Of Vanity part 2



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The divorce took place in 1996 and there were several stories out there. One of the stories was that Vanity was bringing in homeless people and reformed drug addicts into their home without consoling with her husband first. It was reportedly his mansion they were living in. This is what was said to drive him to cheat on her and become abusive.I would hate to think this man was abusive to a woman who was on dialysis and fighting Kidney disease. Denise has reportedly had over 30 surgeries for her kidneys. Prince was allegedly sending her money and publishing checks but the report is after Prince getting married and hen her divorce and Prince getting married again she gave up on men, and she stopped accepting his money. Here is Prince’s ex-wife Manuela the scam artist speaking on Vanity

Just heard about Vanity. Shocked and saddened. I had a few interactions with her, and she was always sweet. Always trying to do better and be better. She even offered to help with my charity. I’m sorry for her family and her congregation. RIP my fellow Canadian xoxo”

This shows that Prince was probably still sending her checks and Mani was arranging it. Prince seemed to spend his life trying to find Vanity replacements Appolonia, Mayte, Mani (especially Mani really resembled Denise) Prince even tried to get Vanity back during her days with Nikki Sixx, he used to send Vanity flowers and tell her to dump Nikki. So he did try. Vanity started living her life on the faith of God, she had gotten a kidney transplant but her body rejected it. She said in 1992 that she had faced a blood pressure of 250 over 190 strokes, kidney failure, blood clots to the brain and blindness complete as well as deafness left her with only three days to live. So after her divorce, this woman faced the final 20 years of her life battling this sickness just her and God. She even started a Go Fund Me in 2014 to try to raise 50k for her medical expenses. I believe this is the time she stopped accepting Prince’s Money. I can’t believe that he would not help her with her medical bills. I heard she had said she was going to trust in God and that was it.

I read that recently before her death she and Prince had reconnected, and she told him “ she was praying for his soul” and they had gotten back on good terms. When she passed everyone around Prince said “he was devastated She died of Kidney Failure and an Infection of her intestines. However, there were also talk about her having CTE as results of Trauma to the brain from multiple hits to the head from her former husband. Prince passed just 2 months later and people believed that he and vanity were planning on reconnecting in person. They got their wish

Vanity did die of complications of Kidney failure but the truth is part of the reason why she was also emotionally sick was from the depression and the abuse of whatever kind she received from her ex. Prince partly died of a broken heart, I fully believe that. He spent his life trying to replace his vanity. Now he is with her

R.i. P to the both of them

The truth is the Industry doesn’t love you. The Industry doesn’t help you save your soul it helps you destroy it. 

21 thoughts on “The Truth About The Death Of Vanity part 2”

  1. I actually got to meet her and I was baptized at her church I had bought her book and wanted to read her testimony her spirit was bright I even attended her funeral I loved her always u used to look up to her when I was younger and wanted to look like her she gave me confidence and meeting her she was exactly like I thought she would be,I remember it took a while for her to give me my book because she was so sick. She is in heaven now and she said Prince was the love of her life 🙌💕🤗

  2. Man that’s sad. However, that’s what the industry and drugs will do to you. I wonder if she had any family that warned her away from Sixx? Rock n Roll drugs always did sound really dangerous.

  3. I used to think she was beautiful but listening to her talk she seems truly beautiful inside out. I truly hope there’s a heaven and that she is there. I don’t understand why the nice ppl leave first and the dam devils live for so long smh. REGARDLESS you did a nice job on this piece. SIP Evangelist Denise 🙏

  4. Oh my god my poor Vanity 😭 I loved her when I was a lol girl I thought she was the 2nd most beautiful woman in the world (mom being #1) to me. I hope her and Prince are together and having the best time of there life. And Mani looks like she the biggest bitch on earth how can Eric B. stand her…ugh 🤔

  5. That’s so sad two amazing people battling demons . A true Romeo and Juliet not to sound cliche but truly heart breaking .
    R.I.P. to the greats ❤️

  6. Kidney diease is no joke! I have to pay close attention the twins ( my mom and her identical twin) more closely than ever! My aunt has one kidney because she was having so much mineral deposits buildup, she was producing kidney stones like a manufacturing plant! Then their baby sister started having kidney stones. I had a stint put in me and I do noy wished this on nobody! The pain is unbearable! They hospitalized me! I was glad that stint came out! I do not wished this on nobody! But G is dead on the nose about Prince taking care of Vanity. He sent money to her and Mayté. The only difference is Mayté checks he put a different name on hers so she wouldn’t know. But I am happy he took care of both ladies. Again, G hit dead on the head about Mani! That helfa right there! Go get your guns folks! You want to kill that hussy!

  7. Nikki Sixx is trash. I read a blind about how he married and then divorced Donna D’Errico (she was on Baywatch back in the day). He screwed her with the prenup and made it so she would always have to come to him for money. To this day he has her run over to his house, have sex with him, then he gives her money. If he was treating his former wife this way, I can only imagine how he was treating Vanity.

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