Site Upgrading on Thursday $1 not 2

Hey guys.  I will be upgrading my package to the exclusive package  Payments will start Feb 16th I am no longer charging $2. We started with $1 so I am keeping it with 1  Any extra stuff I have to pay for I will figure it out. Not your guy’s responsibility.   SO for access $1  for special request $3  for Industry services  $5  ( advice and or music submissions or internship referral)  The site will now separate the paid members from everyone else and you don’t pay you will not have access for that month.  You will be able to set up reoccurring payments as well IF you pay up front for the entire year ( which I don’t suggest but if you chose) you will pay $10 instead of 12.00.  I will be bringing on 2 other admins hopefully the 2 that were supposed to be here and I will be hiring 2 editors/proofreaders and probably an assistant. I want to thank everyone that agreed to pay $2  but it’s back to $1 and it will not change


52 thoughts on “Site Upgrading on Thursday $1 not 2”

      1. I seen you had said that you were stressed not too long ago with that other blog but sweetie please thank them because I didn’t know anything about your fabulous blog until they squad started talking about how they want smoke with you (how old are we?) well I quickly unfollowed them and started following you I have a cousin who was in the entertainment industry and I believe everything you said so you gained a new subscriber and I’m sorry I was late to the sugar party lol

  1. I’d love to be an editor but all I have written is a recent blog as writing experience. Other than sending emails I’m not a professional writer but in my field I must pay attention to detail.

  2. I don’t even know how much I sent you already. I know its going more than $2.00 coming from me. I don’t care about the money at this point. Just as long I am helping out for a good cause. That is all I am asking. ❤❤❤❤❤

  3. Gina, is there a reason why you don’t recommend paying all upfront? I would rather do that. I don’t mind paying the $12, you can place the extra money in your “just in case” account. I just know I’ll get distracted and forget to pay timely.

  4. so G I was thinking since my bday is in a few days and a day after vday shouldn’t I get some free sugar as a Bday/Vday present ? Ijs 😂😂😂😂

    1. Just waiting to see if you’re setting it up via the website or if we pay the same way as in the past. I meant to say this in my post above.

  5. Thanks so much Gina, your truly a real one out here with a heart of gold 💟
    I’m not one to claim a fan name but I must say I’m proud to be a “Sugar Babii”… The insight and knowledge you give from that would is priceless. Much respect G, woman of your word. 💯💯

  6. Thanx Hunny Bunny….. It doesn’t matter how much u would charge… U keep me with the diabetes I wouldn’t mind having….

  7. Please give me so directions. I paid before now I’m trying to upgrade bcs you said today is upgrade day and I’m lost

  8. Hey Gina, i paid twice, once for $1 and a second time for $10… trial and error lol i was originally trying to pay the whole year upfront.

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