October 1, 2022

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23 thoughts on “PR Diaries Messy Motown

    1. Lol Ms. Ross was letting them know who was the reign supreme & did it by any means necessary. Smokey was cute though..

  1. Wooooow now this is some old school sugar….I’m going to tell my mom about this. She must have that magic kitty 😹😹

  2. Please drop this sugar G. So I can share it with my parents this is definitely from their era. Please drop sugar, sweet and and high fructose sugar on Aretha Queen Franklin cause baby she and her father Rev. Franklin were full of sex, orgies, drugs, alcohol and much much more…. we will all be diabetic after the Motown Messiness 🔥🔥🔥⛾🍬🍭

  3. Lawd! I feel like I need another STD screening STAT!!! (note to self) Wayment fool! You got a doctor’s appointment coming up! Ok….Wheeeeewwww! 😥

  4. I just watch Unsung over the weekend on Eddie Hendricks from the Temptations and Diana was sleeping with him while he was married.

  5. Wow I believe this Bow wow recently came out when mac miller died and said that he didn’t have the “flu” back in his faceoff days with omarion that he was actually abusing drugs.

  6. They say Kim Porter had the flu, so most likely a drug overdose. Which when I see her and her friend that elecktra I got druggie vibes.

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