July 2, 2022

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16 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The Death Of Denise Matthews AKA Vanity part 1

  1. Yes Vanity was def out there in the 80s 😩….”Eyes Without a Face” by Billy Idol..which is one of my fav song of his….. is supposedly about Vanity after she broke up w/him

  2. I disagree with the comments. Vanity had no place with that forbidden love shit and she was holy match Cha moly. He had a reason to be jealous he was the second resort. And all hoes say Jesus is my husband. NO Jesus is your savior and heavenly father.

  3. Chileeeeee Rick James was a total hot ass mess…my man father use to play drums with Rick and the stories he tell are some shit..thats another day…Im surprise my man father still alive. Idk about her doing drugs for that long oh my god 😟 💔 so sad. Them rockers live by that sex, drugs and rock&roll motto literally. And that ex husband of hers….what he did to Vanity and what she went through the pain everything I hope he gets it a billion times worser and keep burning forever….bitch ass punk.

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