July 2, 2022

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56 thoughts on “The Truth About The Actress That Giselle Approached Over Jay z

  1. Oh my god I been waiting for this tea because I was gonna email, DM you G because I wanted to know who the chick was. Also ole juicy mouth career might be at the end now because of this story if they didnt apporach her to get sacrifice. Also I didn’t know Ms.Flirty was my man D side piece for 20 years😦 I thought it was Rosario D.
    Thanks G

    1. Exactly. Can’t nothing good comes when dealing with those two. Flirty Faye can’t really act so she got to get money somehow. lol

  2. 😂😂😂 i was thinking the same thing! Tiffany better learn not to be repeating stuff like that! Especially when it involves Beyoncé!

  3. I thought they sign contracts agreeing not to disclose information tgat goes on at those parties? If so Tif better hush cause i like her and don’t want her being blackballed. Smh

  4. I knew it heard a fee things bout her… She still my fav….
    Yeah tif gotta stop thought jadda gave her the 411 on Hollywood…

  5. I hope they don’t eat her up .. the industry that is .. Tiffany is like a breathe of fresh air .. raw and real . Hope she knows what she is getting herself into dealing with the shadow people as I call them

  6. Tiffany has officially been touched by the hand of evil. Little does she know….smh.

    Her and Cardi are so green.

    If Hellisle blackball Tiff over this then she is just as petty as I thought.

  7. Oh ish so it’s true! Sanaa has been Denzel’s mistress!!!! I heard it but never wanted to believe he would cheat on his wife! So it sounds like that’s why Sanaa has been “single” all these years. I used to think she was a closet lesbo. Wow!!

    1. He is a Capricorn just like Tiger Woods, Peter Gunz, Idris Alba. Them SeaGoats favorite number is 2! They gotta have 2 of everything! Sanaa is a Virgo like Giselle. Lort! I can only imagine to Earth signs like those 2 going at it. 🤔

      1. Talking about Denzel. He is a Capricorn, December 28th. I know my Earth signs. I am a Taurus. 4/20 thru 5/20 is Taurus. 9/23 thru 9/22 is Virgo. 12/22 thru 1/19 is Capricorn. My friend is a Capricorn. I know a Capricorn when I see one. 😂😂😂😂😂

  8. Oh lawd Giselle. Running to the female when your husband sat there and let her do it. You should have looked at him sideways too

  9. Someone needs to tell Tiffany…. Loose Lips Sink Ships! one thing about Hollyweird … they remember everything that is said. Her career is taking off and she doesn’t need anything that could hinder her from shinning. Collect ya coins sis and shut up!

  10. i couldn’t believe she was spilling tea about this. maybe she thinks it wasnt that big of a deal to repeat. she made sure not to say the actresses name though lol.

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