August 16, 2022

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17 thoughts on “The Truth About The Death Of Denise Matthews AKA Vanity

      1. Pay them no mind. You are doing an excellent job. I have yet to be disappointed in this blog.

      2. Ma’am… Stop letting these clowns get to you. You are awesome and please know that you have quite a few of us who have your back. They are just mad that they don’t have the certified truth like you and that they aren’t half as brave as you are.

      3. G!!! Don’t allow people to steal your joy!!! Some people are just too blind to acknowledge the truth and wanna be left in the dark place forever!!! Love you sis!!! #yourflubuddy!!!

  1. The industry is so deep in the rabbit whole G .I appreciate you keeping it real . There are way to many people trying to dim the true light so we stay blind . It’s time people wake up and see what’s really going on ❤️

  2. G. Keep up the good work. We love the sugar in the tea. Proud to be a sugar baby. Drop the sugar baby merchandise. We ready Sis…. ☕

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