July 2, 2022

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19 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The Way The Elites Know That Rappers Are Ready To Sell Their Soul

  1. Not yo be disrespectful but would some of thses rappers do anything to be famouse I mean look how much hip hop has change and the “rappers ” we have now that are some how the hotties thing out yet can understand a verse. Would they really turn anything down you grew up in the hood/Pg, sold drugs ,been to jail 30 times so why not…. Ijs

  2. This video was crazy ! I’ve seen this interview but it’s so weird how people will just say conspiracy! Like how many mofos have to experience the SAME EXACT THING for people to realize what happening . You told us G.. endless rappers and entertainers 🤦🏾‍♀️. They claimed that’s what ran Justin Bieber to that church he attends smh .

  3. So French Montana is Diddy boyfriend, and Fonso was is Diddy ex boyfriend? But Fonso got married to this actress and had a kid. That dont mean nothing right? This sort of reminds me of the boondocks episode.

      1. Out of the industry I’m not sure but I haven’t seen him working with anyone. Ik when he got married he went into the church heavily. Idk if he ever came out as far as sexuality, I always thought he was gay until he got married.

      2. But now that i think about it, i guess it really doesn’t mean anything that he got married and had a kid because Richard Prior was married and he still was tooting it up as well.

      1. Oh ok that part definitely had me confused a little because I thought about the nelly situation.

  4. did this goofy nigga say “im not worried about the fame, im lightskin with good hair”? and mean it?? willie lynch did a number on yall niggas.. Lost. But anyway, good interview, we know the industry is full of booty warriors.

  5. Yo dave east did a photoshoot and he look fruity as fuck i couldnt believe it i been following him before he got signed and see major changes in him its sad i guess he’s down for the cause plus i knew he was with it when he took a pic with diddy at his yact party smh

  6. It is funny because I never really thought about it. You used to hear soooooo many stories about groupies even down to the early 2000s and things just did a complete 360. Nobody taking these girls into their rooms after shows no more

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