October 1, 2022

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29 thoughts on “Quincy Jones Shits on Michael Jackson and Marvin Gaye. It’s My Turn. Time To Expose His Lying Ass

  1. The first thing I said when I seen the little article was wow ! Who sits and talks shit about people who are long gone and legends at that . Shitting on all the greats . All this cooning and buffooning Quincy ass should just paint his face and joiner the circus ..

      1. He ain’t cooning! He just exposed the biggest coverup on at least 3 to 5 murders on that interview!!! His ass is dead!!!

      2. Valid point…but the comin for people after they dead is some real coon shyt…like I can’t stand the way this cat move

  2. His time must be up and he knows it that’s why hr he pouring the tea out… Because all this talking especially bout Michael and Kennedy he knows….

  3. This dickbreath degenerate is even more degenerate than what I thought. Just wtf 😑…smfh! Thanks G…keep this tea comin guh! #ProudSugaBaby

  4. Girl, he clearly forgot to mention how many time that dancing dick got stuck in his ass though 🙄 what type of fuck boy speaks on dead men… Quincy need his old ass beat down!

  5. Thats why he’s running round talking about he has 22 girlfriends…
    Playboy is still a great cover up for when you’re hiding in the closet.

  6. Here lies Quincy Jones! Yep, he is next on the chopping block! And he supposed to be “The Dude?” Shit me!

  7. I have a theory as to why Quincy suddenly has uncontrolled diarrhea of the mouth. Some people will say im off but…… I think he has the package. WHY?? We’re finding out that he brags of sex with thousands of women and an untold # of men. We all know about his serious drug addiction. We all know he’s knocked out of the ballpark most of the risk factors for HIV. Its also known that when a person gets news such as a serious disease or something they want to keep secret, but its really bugging them, they start blabbering about any and everything out of nervousness and embarrassment. The bigger question from what we know now?? How could he NOT have gotten if before now with his track record??!! Stay tuned, I think its going to be announced within the next 30 days.

  8. Man this game he playing is the oldest trick in the book dish out some old dirt on ppl u did know or were friends with . THEY told him to do this, it’s kind of like give them some old dirt and we can go back to taking shit holes and souls …. I don’t want to watch tv or listen to music anymore 🙏

  9. I’m at the point where I just look forward to your notifications every day. Here we go y’all. Here comes the big shit 🍿

  10. This is going to sound crazy but… They (others/metoo/I (lgbtq)lluminati) are taking over and now… With the agenda now pushing emasculating of men…ie… What he’s doing… What they forcing us to accept now… Men being with men is okay and you pass a law for it… Why are you upset if I tell you the truth now… And of course he speaks of only dead bc… The brotherhood he’s in only will allow it or hell be killed sooner than this upcoming spring solstice… Hence I’ll talk now bc they going to kill me… Did the Superbowl do a ritual… Yes it did… Do they die in three… Yes they do… So I wouldn’t be surprised if it comes true…. Talk now bc… ANYONE selling their soul knows their day off death… Bc trust me there is no way out…

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