July 2, 2022

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39 thoughts on “MY Exposing of Quincy Jones Will Be password Protected Please Read

    1. Girl let’s hope the people read & follow directions cuz Q done got G worked up…lol. She called him fruity pebble…lol

  1. Damn! Let me get another bowl of Captain Crunch!!! G, you trying to make my family rich with all this sugar? 😂😂😂😂😂

  2. Wow Gina you’re quit a fine woman . You look gorgeous 👌🏾 . I think you need to do a icdk about yourself we need to know the lucky man who’s smashing you 🙊 Lol !

      1. Hell, I feel like hitting him upside for what he had said! Then, he done basically done ratted out 3 to 5 contractual hits on how folks died! Damn fool done lost his mind!!!!

  3. It’s amazing he know who all these men was fucking… Were you there Quincy??? Were you in on the fruity shit??? Hmmmm don’t ever come for the King sick mf

    1. Actually he was born in1933, the start of Motown era. He and the late Ray Charles were buddies. Him and Frank Sinatra are good friends before Frank died. Frank was connected to alot heavy hitters back in the day. There were places Q couldn’t get in to play, but Frank helped him get in. Thus, this is how he got involved with those heavy hitters such mob, and a few of the bloodline sets. I wished like hell he shouldn’t open his damn mouth and talked ill about the dead especially the Kennedy killing! Damn, this motherfucker basically done made his peace and put a price tag on his family heads!

  4. Can’t believe other people still on here. G I’m sorry but even if someone paid if they can’t read that’s their fault. Just keep doing what you doing with the passwords and if they can’t get the concept by now they don’t belong here lol weed em out!!! It’s not fair y’all been paid by now by y’all jobs ITS A FUCKING DOLLAR I better not see nan one of y’all talm bout no new shit you got. Smfh

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