September 29, 2022

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20 thoughts on “More ToniFace

  1. Toni ain’t nothing nice… Then it’s crazy how she then mastered making the face and dancing on him as if it’s just a lil joke a play type deal ending it with that lol laugh she do… That innocent persona is dead she is straight scandalous… Na she’s a Savage fr fr lol…🤔😯🙃

  2. I remember this video there is more vid of this performance,they were dancing between eacher legs they were really into the performance so into the performance face had to take off his jacket cause he got too “hot” they forgot for a sec they were on public but he didn’t care, I’m sure they slept together that night

  3. I checked the blog to see if there was more sugar and I am pleasantly surprised 😄 BRB I need to roll me a backwood. A good blunt paired with a good read makes for a relaxing night ☺

  4. Dying laughing right now. Listening to music and “End of the Road” immediately followed by “He wasn’t man enough” comes on.

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