October 6, 2022

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16 thoughts on “The Truth About The Relationship Of Toni Braxton and Kenny “Babyface’ Edmonds pt 3

    1. Chile, I got me a big of Captain Crunch and put a plastic plate unde the bowl! That’s how much cereal I got because G’s sugar is extra sweet! 😂

  1. That song they did a couple years ago really makes sense now! ” God knows i never meant to hurt you, i never meant to make you cry…” that album was their therapy session lol i loveee it keep it coming G 👊

  2. Wow you gonna make me go listen to some songs tonight G , I think his song ” What if” is about her too

  3. Ummm no he did damn right giving them to BoyzIIMen because I can not hear BabyFace barely singing ass doing it! Nope! Lol

  4. OMG!!! They really kept this on the low. I thought I read somewhere years ago that she had sex with Michael Jai White days before she married.

      1. True! Lol but I love the harmony of all 4 vs just 1 man singing it. I wish he could record it so I can compare them..Now I’m curious as to what it would’ve sounded like

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