October 6, 2022

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23 thoughts on “Today on The Menu

    1. Yes…we love and appreciate everything you do for the sugar babies . But I’m sure it’s good news tho.

  1. I love this blog and I appreciate the youtube videos too. I know you must be so busy so dropping some videos makes it entertaining until you get to the sugar! Please dont stop with the videos.

    I cant wait for all this tea and sugar.

      1. Because b is in charge so she have the say so on everything then the way the music game is set up now they probably will have her do something so

  2. Hoping for Good News for the blog this is the best tea ever ❤️🍿☕️ can’t wait to read the rest to come

  3. I hope you are not switching to another platform because I like this blog. I go abck and forth with IG and this. I love seeing the notification emails of new tea

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