July 1, 2022

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36 thoughts on “Justin Timberlake: The Truth Behind The Industry’s Biggest “Culture Vulture”

  1. He literally makes me sick and I would love to see him receive the Minaj treatment. He’s a disrespectful little sh**

    1. Agreed. His ego is outta control. I’ll admit to liking his first solo album. It was definitely MJ inspired, but now he seems mediocre to me. Idk why his time isn’t up yet…white privilege?

    1. And Tyka needs her ass beat! She knows her brother wouldn’t go for that and neither the alcohol on Paisley Park. Hell, even Mayté and Shelia E themselves know how he is! Oh karma is coming and Justin’s ass is going to get a major dosage of it!

  2. It’s a damn shame that no one is protecting Prince’s legacy. I guess for the right price, anything is for sale. I hope the person who signed off on this is haunted by prince’s ghost for the rest of their sorry ass life. Justice too!

    1. You ain’t gotta wait long for that. His sorry trifling ass was responsible for interfering in Prince’s and Mayte’s marriage and introduction that hoe into it! After all it said & it done, he hauled ass right after that memorial and never seen nor heard from. Black bastard! He should have worroed about his damn marriage let alone somebody else’s.

  3. His new videos have hella messages and symbolism in them .! They craziest part is they aren’t even trying to hide anymore .. you see the shit everywhere especially around super bowl time .. peep some of these commercials in advertisements ..

    1. Like the damn Taco Bell “Illumination” commercial , like just say Illuminati already like how stupid they think we are with the friggin triangles, pyramid and the damn eye. Like cmon! I been making my own damn tacos ever since!

      1. That got me I’m like wow I guess they said fuck it they know . Secret society for a dollar lol I’m like Taco Bell y’all lost me with the breakfast now this lol you and me both !

    2. Like I said on the other post, he sent a very vivid subliminal message to Mayté on his piano and mic set. Damn, I wished she listened to me and Nicole Murphy! She would have gotten the vast of the estate. But here is some crazy shit for yall. Do yall know after Prince and Mayté lost their son, they started a foundation in honor of Amiir? But guess who found a way to get their greedy ass hands on that foundation and this person and another person siphoned 50k a piece from the foundation to put towards their charities?

      1. Man they tried to do prince in , making it seem like he was just some dumb artist that didn’t take care of his funds 👀 just wow

      2. Isn’t Mani trying to trademark LFOA foundation….read she filed it a few days after his passing smh!!

  4. I remember years ago, reading an article about Justin. People wanted to know how could he live R&B so much when he grew up in a small. Racist town.

  5. When I first heard he was having his Listening Party at Paisley Park I was completely turned off. A lot of our radio DJ’s here in MN was on air talking about how they didn’t appreciate the fact that alcohol was being served there. They are turning Prince’s home into a show.

  6. I have never been into JT like that anyway. Something about him and the Kardashians seemed unauthentic, watered down, and fake

  7. He was performing in white Jordan’s. In other words….. he took the blackmans beat and made it white. And he had a red rag around his neck… Making a mockery of gang culture.

  8. I agree G, he is such a culture vulture, but no one really talks about it. It’s funny how we just give “passes” out and still continue to be passed over.

  9. Im so glad you blogged this. I couldn’t wait to get back to your blog. I have been knowing this since his days with black street or n’synch. One of them fake ass boy groups. At first, i ignored the similarities and kept thinking that he can sing good and dance good. Of course, a black dance coach taught him. But then, after the janet scandal, i scratched his ass off my playlist. He is fake!!!

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