August 16, 2022

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35 thoughts on “Cardi B MK Ultra BreakDown?

  1. Wow😯they aren’t wasting anytime on programing her. It looks like she got shocked. But how early on in the game do they start the Mk ultra G?

  2. Yeo can tell by her interviews.. Especially this last one at the grammys I was like wtf is she saying this is not her… Cardi is not dumb at all but that how they programs her so more aka “blacks” could relate… So in high site they say we dumb and can’t think for our self’s ie the media does it for us.. Stay woke ppl

    1. Exactly .. and did you peep the weird shit that happened when she froze up . Her sister and her publicist I think idk but yea it’s like they looked up at her randomly for a second then she snapped back 👀

      1. Yaaassss…OMG I thought I was the only one who saw their strange reaction☕… they told it ALL just from that…n Now I think they know. Like Professor Grif said bout how Tyrese can’t get out because of the pressure from taking care of his family. N Cardi always makes it clear in past posts n what not that she is doing all this for her family… trying to give em a better life🤔🤷‍♀️

    2. Omg Yesssss to everything you just wrote! I heard many music producers and artists back in the day (around the time Lil’Wayne was popping) that you have to dumb down your music and lyrics so people can like it. Smh!
      And it wasn’t Lil’Wayne that said that btw, it was other artists/producers, big time ones hating that people were so into Lil’wayne ….. uhhh how bout calling it a fresh of breath air to switching it up bruh!

  3. Wow she was def being shocked! Maybe they shocked her because they want her to become more mainstream, and less herself.
    Of course the industry is known for doing this so it makes sense. Like G’s post about them never having plans of Taraji becoming a star, because she was the “ghetto one”. So, you can’t be too dark or too ghetto, but yet again, you have to carry yourself like a sex slave, demonstrate to them that you are selling your body, be a “sex symbol” to the public.GTFOH!

  4. Her sis n the girl with the red hair knew what was going on. They heard it’s good turned around to look and quickly acted like they were fixing her dress n mumbling to each other. Poor baby. It’s early in the game.

    1. She stayed complaining about headaches all time lately . And she was on live talking about wanting to move her family from here to the DR because people live longer when they leave the US 🤯

  5. That made my heart jump it scared me I’ve never seen someone do that before. I’ve never seen her act like that before.

      1. That one was really eery. I’m still trying to figure out why they pick certain people. Like why Al?

  6. My poor Cardi smh she was saying too much. Talking about how she feel “shaky”. Reminds me of that article G posted about the project monarch. Makes you wonder about all the movies and songs with the word “butterfly” in it

  7. That was definitely a response to external/unnatural stimuli. I’m no conspiracy theorist, but MK Ultra is real and I wouldn’t put anything past “the machine” that creates entertainers. They have to have control over their investments. Wendy Williams said on her show, “It’s too early to be complaining…” and “We own you now…” in response to Cardi saying she was happier before she was a celebrity.

  8. Of course, they have to get her ready. After watching all the videos on YouTube about MK Ultra and rituals, I think if you are a woman you have your term as a Mk ultra beta slave. During this time you do it all. You will get what you want, but you have to go where they want, sleep with who they tell you to sleep with, and do what they want. Cardi is strong willed, and even though she’s funny, she talks too much, so THEY got in there fast.

    1. I agree. I think they did it this fast due to how raw and open she is. They are only using her for pushing Nicki out and this is all about money at the end. Im not shocked by this. I wonder what part her sister will play in this. I wonder who will have to die in her family.

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