October 6, 2022

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47 thoughts on “Where is Nicki Minaj?

    1. Wow that’s scary as hell, They must wanted her to do a sacrifice..

      Money or fame it’s not worth it, if you can’t have your peace/piece of mind.

    2. I think they wanted her 2 sacrifice her brother but instead they came up with the rape scandal im not 100 percent sure though

  1. I commend her for not doing it. She’s already admitted to being “possessed” with these alter egos. Wth else they want from her? Bow out Nicki. Let them have cardi b. Idk why remy went from independent to a label. She bugging too.

      1. Yeah buy memebr he was getting attention he didn’t want then … Baby mama didn’t like him with her so he dil

      2. Yeah he do but he been in the game alone time so he know what they doing to Nicki and he ain’t tryna hear that. That’s why he in the picture with jay n them and not at home with her

  2. I read on a blind site that she just lost a baby….not sure how true it is but i think even i would bow out for a bit after that.

  3. Bih you was reading my mind i was just thinkin i hope G got some updated info on nicki somethin aint right i mean i hope she’s gonna surprise us with a album but u never know with this crazy weird industry 😳😱

  4. I was never a Nicki fan and dont care whether she makes another album or not however I hope she stays strong. I am definitely wishing for her physical, mental, & spiritual strength. After seeing this whole Kanye debacle, I hope she stays strong.

  5. If this is indeed true… This is very sad. I hope Nicki stays strong. As you’ve mentioned G, Nicki need to just make one more great album and leave the music industry for good. It’s not worth losing your sanity and mental state. SMH.

  6. Can we talk about JLO? Whats going on? Doesnt look like shes caught up in this sacrifice stuff? Or is she? She looks pretty happy, famous and rich….whats the sugar here? did she bypass all the illuminati stuff…?

      1. But that was in 1999 when she was with diddy…what about after that? What happened to JLO? She is super famous but no one bothers her.

      2. jlo been out she is useless to them never really been influential she got fans but she is 50 now she dont write her own music they dont care about jlo she rich and pretty much done

  7. I know Nicki is very tight lip about everything. She also mention how she deletes social media when she’s working on something big ( Mercedes commercial coming up) Please keep us posted if you hear or see anything!

  8. What about how she always subliminally references that they closed her, you think they’d take her and try to put the clone out? Or is just mk ultra?

  9. I have a serious question (well serious to me)… do any of these folks keep any grounded people around them? A family member or maybe their mom…. who when the industry is done chewing you up and spits you out…they are there to help and support them if they have to return to their humble beginnings?!! Has there been anyone that made it out and gave them the finger and not lost their mind?

  10. Thats the sacrifice she madebwhen she signed up. She was blinded when she was gassed up by the media. Blowing up spots. Hanging out eating lavishly. Now all that stops. Nicki needs ti rest

    1. actually no lol i am only being honest because i really don t watch reality tv like that i do see he is still trying to get nicki back on social media but hey if he is getting popular? good for him .. wonder why it hasn’t helped his rap career

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