October 1, 2022

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54 thoughts on “My Nicki Minaj Report Where is Nicki Minaj?

  1. It’s like you need an exorcism to get out of this industry. They have their own sunken place! Fight these demons Nicki

  2. Oh my goodness. I really really feel for Nicki. I hope she gets the proper support she needs right now. Agree with you G, screw the music and look for other outlets to make money and comeback with a bang.

    I wonder how her mother doing with both her children going through this?

  3. Omg thank you Gina, i love Nicki she is an amazing artist. I was sad to hear the miscarriage news so thanks for setting that straight. Love always

  4. Amazing!! I’ve always felt like she put that battery in Meek’s back. She could’ve ridden Drakes coin into the sunset. Oh well.

  5. This is some good old fashion karma she tried to play lil Kim calling her a washed up has been and what not and now look she’s in the same boat. I don’t wish bad on her because I actually think she is a talented artist but her attitude sucks.

  6. Wait a minute.. Are you saying the elites set this whole molestation case up. At first… Frfr.. When I heard what was going on before the trial..I thought how could this situation happen with a grown man and 13 that lives with him… But then story kept getting bigger and bigger. And remember thinking.. Wow Nicki not on top of this covering this up… Something’s not right… My next concern after reading this was.. If she did turn down this supposed ritual to kill her mother just 2 years ago… How did she get that far 6-8 years without performing a ritual prior to all this mayhem now?

    1. Not saying that. Me personally? I thinki he did it but we have seen michael jackson set up before and if they can set up mj they can def set this broke nigga up. Remember i foind out tonight thats what he told nicki

      1. Two different court systems. Michael was taken to civil court. If Michael did it, trust Michael would have gone down. This guy went down. No money involved

    2. She had to hv been doing rituals. If you remember one of the MTV shows she went in red w the pope and then she did some crazy thing on stage..YouTube it..CRAZZZZY

  7. Does this stop her in just music? I heard fashion and hollyweird are the same way. They push agendas too.

    I want her out. Out safely. She will definitely be remembered. This story gave me a soft spot for her 😞💓😞. I like to see people win and I respect those that won’t jeopardize anyone else to rise for their own sake. If there is a safe way out I’d suggest she take it. She had a nice reign. Its time to settle down. And F that handler. He need to mind his business, shoo!

  8. Damn. I feel bad for her. As a girl from Jamaica, Queens myself, I wanted her to come back and WIN. She is one of the best female rappers to ever do it. Flow, beauty, personality, lyrics (sometimes) all 💯. I’m not usually slow…but I don’t understand the significance of sacrificing loved ones.😕 The rituals I understand…make them do sexually evil things, record it, and use it as leverage and power. But sacrificing? Why? Someone pls enlighten me😩

  9. I honestly believe he did it too….and if typically most molesters don’t just start with one person….and who’s to say he didn’t touch her either….who’s to say on time of everything occurring that of didn’t trigger some old issues for her as well…but I do wish her the best because I don’t want to see another black woman fail…. if they want your mom don’t go Kanye its not worth it…

      1. Gina, how can we get a story about rituals and sacrifices that explains this. A YouTube video that I can look at bc I’ll be wondering about it all…. And deep down..I think he did it too but Nicki must have been given a chance to clear that mess up had she did not do whatever they had asked bc she believed he was innocent and she turned the blind eye and now they’re poking the Heeeeellll out of her. I hope she do get out safely.

  10. Why do the industry big wigs want people to sacrifice their families though? What do they actually gain from this? In spite of her not doing that, she was doing well. Are “they” actually propositioning artists to sacrifice people close to them and if so, are they outright telling them what the plan is? Doesn’t make sense. I have a feeling Nas was texting her the night of the Grammys. Did he turn too? Noticeably, all of a sudden he’s back hanging with Jay. I remember asking you Gina on a spill the sugar post why they hasn’t been seen around each other lately like they used to and then boom!

    1. Remember when I said all of this started in the military? Well, that’s the starting point. Another part, and I am only telling you a good bit of it. Have you heard of the 13 Bloodline Families? Well here are their names. Get ready to be shocked cause you need to know about them! 1) The Astor Family
      2) The Bundy Family
      3) The Collibs Family
      4) The DuPont Family
      5) The Freeman Family
      6) The Kennedy Family
      7) The Li Family
      8) The Onassis Family
      9) The Reynolds Family
      10) The Rockefeller Family
      11) The Rothschild Family
      12) The Russell Family
      13) The Van Duyn Family

      Now, out of the 13 families I have mentioned, number 10 and 11 are the richest. They control the money, but it is number 11 who controls The Federal Reserve. They are the ones who gives out the orders to Holllyweird about who should get this amount, who should we sacrifice, who should do ritiuals and so for.. Hell, they do rituals within the families. How do think the late David Rockefeller lived up to 104? Sacrificing folks and taking their organs. That last heart they sacrificed did him in. No matter how many times they sacrificed a human being, when God say your time is up, it is up! But in this case, the devil came to collect!

      1. Ok!! Say it louder for the people in the back ! People think because they see it in movies it isn’t real but that’s the plan ..make it seem so far fetched .. like you said how did he get a heart every damn time . After the first one his ass should’ve been done. Remember all those girls missing right in D.C. that they claimed were runaways . People started to notice then some of them came back (the ones that actually ran away) but still hundreds missing …
        music is full of ritual it always has been and I always believed with my whole heart B & J rise to glory / sacrifice was Aaliyah ..GET OUT NICKI ❤️

      2. I don’t think they had anything directly to do w it. I think G posted or I was watching something where the guys that worked that plane said they received a call from her record label , stating “ don’t weigh the plane” bypass protocols. But after her death, the Lane was wide open.

      3. It goes so deep it’s so much to type lol but seriously go look into it really I wouldn’t seem that way in the beginning but the more you really discover you’ll be scratching your head like “ damn how did I not see this”

      4. @iblack Of coarse, but her mom is Creole remember. Cajun blood which make her a red witch.

      5. @Clarkdes Bingo! They are still in denial ,but here is the funny part. Remember when I mentioned that Giselle is dirty on the IG page? Here is the dirt. So get ready to drop your mouth. When Giselle’s daddy got the his only son’s mom pregnant, Giselle and Hov came to her and this came out of her own mouth! I know because I talked to her by phone and still have her phone number. Offer her 250k for her child! In my mind, I was full blown! But at the same time, I was asking myself why hers? Well, 1) They needed a life to sacrifice because they didn’t had a ritual done in a minute, 2) Because Giselle didn’t want to split no more money as is because as long as she is part of Destiny’s Child, The Destiny’s Child name belongs to her daddy. Which means daddy gets his cut and his cut will be divided between him and his 2 outside kids. And Giselle isn’t going for that. That’s another reason for firing her dad. And 3)She and Hov were trying to have more kids for their. Now here is the kicker. How in the hell they were going to passed her brother off as theirs when he looks exactly like his and Giselle’s dad? Impossible! What they going to do, kill off the mom? Possible, but it didn’t go that way. She refused the money and with that being said, they made her suffer. She becamed homeless and ended up moving. Plus, her brother was in a good school but had to leave because of that. Notice, they only messed with her but not the other baby mom? The lil girl is very talentive and so is her brother. But the lil girl is more versitible than the brother. Deep down, I know Giselle wants to know her half siblings, but at the same time, she doesn’y want them in the situation she is in. Oh, she set something aside for those two. They are innocent and they didn’t asked to be here. But Giselle is watching out for her half siblings.

  11. Damn Nikk.. I can’t lie I was annoyed when she didn’t come back at remi because allthough I love them both I seen what was happening . And people can say what they want but Nicki broke threw them doors and came out swinging in the earlier years . I missed that side of her ..never letting people take advantage or talk to her crazy . In my opinion her mistake was thinking these phonies where really friends Beautiful, multitalented, BLACK women Nicki come back safe and get away from these devils .

  12. Oh Nicki…..I hope she stays strong and doesn’t turn on her Mom.. . That’s a horrible thing to ask of someone. My goodness….

  13. This music industry is something serious! It will make or break you! One minute you’re on top and everyone is for you! In flash, it’s as if you never existed!!

  14. This scares me. I feel bad for Nicki but I actually dreamed about her performing on stage with her family standing behind her and wearing all black…the focus was on her Mother…even though she was there on stage it was as if there was something reminiscent about her presence, as if they was mourning her, and now I’m reading this…about the wanting her to sacrifice her Mom….I’m seeing Nicki in a very gloomy state right now. I hope she makes it out of this

  15. @CLARKDES27 @CEYLON M See the thing that always gets me with Aaliyah people say her uncle had something to do with it (The guys that worked in Bahamas later stated that they received a call not to weigh that plane from her record label) people say it was Dame, but he didn’t get anything out of it. People say it was Giselle & J…

    Maybe it was b/c she wanted out and that’s why she was killed( Rock the boat played backwards). Then you have the JFK theory with the plane being controlled remotely….I watched all the videos, listened to Todd tapes, read the blogs..but nothing truly makes sense. I’m definitely not an expert, i’ve been following many blogs for years, but it still doesn’t make any sense how it all works.

    I wouldn’t want to be in the industry as an artist knowing it’s open season on me if someone decides they want to move up…that doesn’t make sense. So how does it work?

    1. @IBlackGirl, Go back and look up who was Blackground Records distributer? In order to find that answer, you have to go backwards. So if Aaliyah’s label was with her uncle’s company, go back and look and see who was the parent company to Blackground Records. Now keep in mind, Blackground Records is a defunct company. So that means your search will be short.

      1. I got it IBlack Girl. Watch this diagram.

        Warner Music Group
        Atlantic Records————-|
        | |
        Blackground Records, JIVE Records

  16. yes but she is far less valuable in film and fashion she would not generate nearly as much money and she can pretty much pick from the jobs she is offered. now always a chance they blackball her but she gotta try soemthing

  17. It definitely upsets me that Remy isn’t as big as other female rappers because she is a good lyricist but i get it she doesn’t have the “look” however they said Taraji didn’t have the look in Hollywood yet she still broke loose so i have faith that Remy will shine.

  18. Honestly just happy she’s not dead. I had a feeling this was the issue. She didn’t wanna sacrifice, my girl should just leave the industry. Cardi b is never gonna push the agenda, just a matter of time before she spills the beans. I slick wanna hear those 2 songs .

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