October 6, 2022

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25 thoughts on “Fame and Blood Sacrifices in The Entertainment Industry

  1. I think that’s why these industry ppl are always scouting 4 new artist sometimes its not about the talent its about the sacrifice like how french lined chinx up. I hope nas doesnt do that 2 dave east cuz all they will say is its some street beef. SMH

      1. I don’t know the truth, but I read she died by drowning while on fishing trip. It was on instrgram.

  2. See the thing that always gets me with Aaliyah people say her uncle had something to do with it (The guys that worked in Bahamas later stated that they received a call not to weigh that plane from her record label) people say it was Dame, but he didn’t get anything out of it. People say it was Giselle & J…

    Maybe it was b/c she wanted out and that’s why she was killed( Rock the boat played backwards). Then you have the JFK theory with the plane being controlled remotely….I watched all the videos, listened to Todd tapes, read the blogs..but nothing truly makes sense. I’m definitely not an expert, i’ve been following many blogs for years, but it still doesn’t make any sense how it all works.

    I wouldn’t want to be in the industry as an artist knowing it’s open season on me if someone decides they want to move up…that doesn’t make sense. So how does it work?

    btw..i’m not in denial about none of this…it just doesn’t make sense why certain people have to do certain things and others don’t. i.e.”killing mothers when others have theirs”.

    1. None of it make sence but … I do thinks someone in rock had something to do with it rather jay or dame.. But look where both of them at.

      1. Dame isn’t really anywhere compared to Jay. Is it as simple as “oh, let me kill her so i can be bigger?” it can’t be. Maybe her message was going to change? was she going to be more vocal? IDK it’s all strange to me. I wouldn’t be surprised if it were her uncle. She planned on leaving the label. which means= no money…. Do you think that’s possible? Her uncle later tormented his ex and burned her car…..

    2. It’s crazy to wrap your head around that’s for sure . I just think sacrifice is apart of the ritual . Evil thrives from others pain in suffering . I feel like no one is truly innocent but they had one cluster fuck of a love triangles happening at once . I can’t imagine the envy.. jealousy and animosity that came from all these secrets smh

    3. From my understanding, the Aaliyah post explained in great detailed that her record company a.k.a her uncle found out that Aaliyah wanted to leave the label. Therefore, they planned her murder because without her as an artist on there label, they were going to loose there main source of income. So sad! With Aaliyah dieing while under on there label, they are still going to make money off her music and not to mention the unreleased music they sold to Drake, etc.

      I agree with you about the confusion of Jay, Bey and Dame. But, I would not be surprised if Jay and Bey were involved, but 1 thing I know for sure is that her uncle def planned her “accidental” murder to continue making money off her dead body. Smh!

      1. @ iblackgirlanonymous Wow that’s crazy! Now, that goes to show that he would never be in peace!

  3. It is scary especially when you hear someone family member died then all of a sudden you at the top.. Jennifer Hudson carzy how her whole family was murdered and the baby then her career took off she lost weight…. So of this is true and Nicki didn’t wanna kill her mom then shit don’t blame her…. Every since I read the lloyd avery story I knew it had to be something

  4. The whole Dr Dre, Eazy E, & Ice Cube Lethal Injection album is creepy to me as well! Suge Knight is on video on Jimmy Kimmel bragging about hoe he didn’t have to kill Eazy E with his own hands saying stuff about technology and a needle could have easily killed Eazy E….google it!!!

    1. Damn man. I loved Easy! So a needle gave him HIV? Not his sleeping around and his drug use? I hope G does a story on them like she did about Em. I’m sure that the Em that’s here now is NOT the Em from his early days the group he had D4L.

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