October 1, 2022

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74 thoughts on “PSA. Beware of Intruders.

  1. I was wondering how you were going to be able to keep the snakes 🐍🐍 away…anyway do what you have to do. Your supporters will remain, everyone else can fall off! The fact that you’re risking so much even spilling this tea is enough for me. Keep up the good work, thanks!😊

  2. Haters!!! Keep doing what you are doing love!!! Btw….I’m feeling wayyyyyyy better, hope to return to work Monday!!!

  3. Maybe an ig code to let sugar babies know a private post is coming or about to be posted? Something to differentiate the paid from the non paid. Or maybe people that actually comment or the post. Why want the sugar if you ain’t gonna get a sweet tooth? They lurking 👀 They don’t get a grade for participation.

  4. I came across a post where someone sent another “blogger” a screenshot of ur ig post. I dm it to u. They stay lurking for the tea but try n throw shade n hate ur way😡😠.

  5. Yeah this shit is crazy somebody asked me to DM them the password on instagram so when I responded to them I @Gina so she would know folks is asking us for the password of course I said I don’t give out passwords but we all know what one person won’t another person will

  6. I know you paid for the Blog already, but maybe you should do an app. I’d pay the dollar for the app (Honestly I’d pay $5) & you wouldn’t have to keep blocking… just a suggestion

  7. I’m definitely okay with paying more money if that’s needed moving somewhere else more exclusive. I was thinking before when you had first moved to Facebook that we should have had to email you our receipt then we get the password. That way only us who are real followers would be in the know. But i understand 1000% you’re one person and trying to figure out the best way not only for us but you.

      1. I definitely understand that way you don’t have to manually go through yourself. The fact that you’re able to give us stories AND do that while living your whole life I commend you.

  8. Totally understand G, you have to protect yourself and your brand. You’re really great at what you do and it keeps many minds open and alert unlike they want us to be. I sincerely appreciate your blog and ig page. I only entertain social media only for your info everything else is manute to me now… Thank You always and whatever whatever you have to do for you your real Sugar Babies will be on board 💯💯💯💯✨✨✨✨

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