September 29, 2022

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62 thoughts on “The Real Reason Why Nicki Minaj Turned off Her comments and Erased her Instagram Profile

    1. Again what is said about the queen of light again in the sugar bowl above? Jay-Z is married to who? Giselle. Who is Giselle? Wife of Jay-Z and freshly initiated as the queen of light.

      1. Giselle is “B” as in Jay Z wife “B” she was “initiated” this weekend as Queen of The Light….

      1. G, You mentioned ageism, well Black people don’t age the way white people do so why does age matter when it comes to Black people in the industry? And why does Atlantic want to get rid of her now? What I don’t understand is why would anyone care about her personal relationship with Meek? What does that have to do with her career?

      2. Well that answer is simple. White people run the industry if you notice every head of hip hop a hip hop division of a record label is some white dude that knows nothing about hip hop. Ageism has nothing to do with the way you look. White people and the elites (even the black ones) study and know black people and especially the millennial and how they think. At the age of 35 you can check the history black people write black artist off and start calling them washed up. Especially women. They push the sex agenda and there is only so long you can do that. Her brand is based on sex and sexuality and looking good while rapping. Yes she still looks good however the older she gets the younger the audience gets. That is why they are deactivating her brand and replacing it with cardi b. A nicki minaj who is 10 years younger. As far as meek goes, her label was trying to warn her. Number one Meek is an Atlantic artist. Nicki did not see what Republic and some others were trying to warn her about. Drake warned Nicki about Meek years ago. The number one thing is Meek hurt her brand. He came in and stopped her from Lap dancing, hugging and grinding on Wayne and Drake and interacting with other males. That is what Nicki is, that was her brand and Meek came in and stopped her from doing that. That in turn messed with her money because she loss a lot of male fans. They told her dumped Meek and get safaree back because Safaree did not get in Nicki’s way, and he let them brand her, but she didn’t listen and here we are.

      3. Finally I’m here ….only problems I can’t like a comment lol I can come though baby steps

  1. If Nicki go out She can get into a relationship have kids get married and chill. Its not like nobody will know who she is. She was the only female rocking for a minute. Can’t nobody take that away. She good 👍

  2. Can she drop a mixtape? I love love love nicki but if she leaves and have a family I’ll understand. I know she’s wanted that for a long time and she’s broken barriers and records.Her name will remain.

  3. I’m hoping she finds her way out of her contract. She is still a big enough star to make it in the industry. Especially in acting. She did pretty well with the Gap (maybe H&M?) commercials. If she gets a coach…she can do a damn good job.

    1. especially when apparently most white male directors are racist as fuck calling our black actresses niggerttes and shit. they wouldn’t let her ever win anything for a role

      1. Yeah it might but I don’t have to worry bout selling my soul or being under some mind control… Just to say I’m famousr and have money in the bank…

      1. Naw not really I’m a paralegal boo so ain’t no slow money…. plus is called savings

      2. What I meant by slow money, I meant as honest clean money. Not doing dirty mess like what they doing and drug money. I will take slow money over that upfront fast money and sacrifical money anyday.

  4. Why does her record label hate her. Ain’t she the Queen of HipHop? Does she not make them money? I’m genuinely confused about the shenanigans from Atlantic.

    1. Agreed. Not sure why they started going against her like this… Is it her attitude? Did she have a fallout with someone with alot of power ( I heard about the Miley thing on here, but there may be other factors). Not very clear why the industry doesn’t show Nicki much love anymore… Glad G is shedding more light on her circumstances. My friends and I were talking the other day, wondering why we don’t hear much about Nicki Minaj besides her being on a few features. All very unfortunate. 😯😞

      1. Miley has pull. She’s a Disney star. Little Miss Hanna Mantana made too many people WAY too much money. So, I’m sure many people werent pleased at Nicki coming for her, especially on a platform like that. Her you have a black female rapper coming for a white pop/Disney star. And of all places to do it, at an awards show, in front of all those heavy hitters. Nope, wasnt going to fly like that. She had to be humbled. Plus, she shouldn’t have turned her back on Drake. She’s a dope artist, but sometimes if you dont play the game, you will lose regardless of your talent.

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  6. I’m not a big Nicki fan, but I’m sorry she raps better than Cardi. Cardi has no stage presence, her interviews are cringe filled and her voice drives nuts! Say what you want, but I miss good music and rappers, but this industry seemed to kick them all to the curb smh

  7. This industry is vicious. Why would she go against her boyfriend at time and defend her friend. She did the right thing by staying out of it. Some ppl really isn’t shit. Terrible they would get on her about that. SMH!

  8. This just shows the point I always make with Nicki or any artist. Hell just in life period it’s all about your alliances! Those alliances and networks can make or break you, keep you on top or throw you away when their done with you. Also don’t get too big headed that you cross the wrong people like Nicki did. As a black woman in any field (corporate america to entertainment industry) it shows they want you to stay in your place. If you don’t it’s Hell to pay, might just be your career!!

    1. You know what? K. Michelle said something to that effect about Atlantic Records. Saying that they were holding her back from creating the music she wants to sing about. At one point, she was talking about moving to London.

  9. She needs to drop a mixtape with a hit record in all of her genres. Rap, pop, and and island time to show why she is who she is mention how Atlantic holding her back and such create a buzz speak on it and let the public know to press Atlantic because its what her fans what so they are clear she’s not in the way.

  10. Any truth to Nicki going to rehab for percs like Meek? I read she recently miscarried (Bas baby) because of stress and pills so she was laying low for awhile. Sad. While I’m not a huge fan, I recognize her talent.

  11. So who seen Cardi B Alexa commercial they really trying to replace Nicki with her she even trying to do Nicki bird sound btw she doesn’t sound right doing it.

  12. This reminds me of the scene in the movie “Showgirls” in which the understudy pushes the headliner down a flight of stairs to be placed as the star of the show. Has any female rappers from the 90s left the game with dignity??

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