January 22, 2022

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79 thoughts on “155 People yesterday and more today

  1. blockquote, div.yahoo_quoted { margin-left: 0 !important; border-left:1px #715FFA solid !important; padding-left:1ex !important; background-color:white !important; } Just making sure you got me down. 

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  2. Sookie sookie now.. just leave it private because the people who paid would not have a problem with that anyways.. keep up the good work G.

      1. If you already paid you good you can just confirm with her she has you paid it’s hard for her because some people email don’t match the names.😊

  3. Hey! I love your page and I don’t want to be deleted. I paid a while back but didn’t send my screenshot. So, that’s what this message is for. I’ve attached my screenshot. 

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  4. G, I’ve paid (from way back after the FB acceptance) but didn’t send a screenshot…so where do you want me to send it because if I get locked out…😩

  5. Gina this is Danielle from Facebook! I also paid for my son DeWayne! I believe his email may be bosstate something. I think he said he showed you proof already but I’m just playing it safe for the both of us w/ our receipts! Thank You for all your tea & keeping us informed G! Be Blessed luv! > >

    1. I think there could of been a better way to be accepted as proof though…. it was not stated to use Facebook name to sign up? I use different names and different email address eg personal, banking and shopping. Yeah it’s only a £1.00 still but when people have done the right thing and DONT understand if they need to send proof photo proof ect and cannot get the correct information or being cussed or called dumb on here it’s not worth it. I try to support black businesses still…..

    2. I did the same thing. Made sure everything was cohesive…. Plus sent my receipt. I don’t need any confusion lol

  6. Girl got damn… if you gone make it private DO THAT! Tired of hearing about this shit. Never seen a person that was “for the people” CHARGE for the “Truth” 1 dollar or not! Says a lot about you trying to profit off of the truth. Nobody stresses it as much as YOU. And then you had the nerve to say if you didn’t pay it’s too late. Honey, youre blocking your own people from the truth because they didn’t pay a dollar when you asked. Pathetic. And there are more than one sources for this type of information. YouTube is full of “conspiracy theories” everything you’re telling us has been told! What’s in the dark always comes to light! All you’re doing is confirming what we’ve always thought! So chill. I hate when people experience success from a blog and become dogmatic about it. What is your REAL agenda?!

    1. Can you block this hater???? This is exactly why the page needs to be private!! GO TO YOUTUBE THEN !!! Go to that other page charging 11 dollars! We don’t need you OR want you here!!!

    2. All that typing and haven’t said shyt. Please take your free information getting ass back to YouTube with the crybaby shyt. She can handle HER shyt how she pleases. Ive never seen so many tears behind a damn dollar. #gototimeout loll

    3. But here you are… Taking time to type all of this out. If you feel that strong about it just take yourself somewhere else. Ridiculous and extremely disrespectful

  7. Gina, I have paid on Facebook but I didn’t send no screen shot. I gave you my FB name is Juzneen but through PayPal my real name is Denine Barnes.

  8. Make it private again people real aggy over a fucking dollar. If they can’t follow instructions if they wanna keep questioning you or contradicting you THEY NEED TO GO. Do you need a moderator? I volunteer.

  9. I paid a couple days ado..couldn’t find where to send the email to so I just replied to this email!

    Thank you!

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  10. Hey G. I paid with Paypal and I don’t have a screenshot but I did attached a msg when I paid. The same email that I have thru paypal is the same email I used to follow this blog and you responded via email to me although I have yet to send a request lol. THis is just a FYI so you wont accidentally delete me cuz I think I will go crazy without my sugar and tea lmao

  11. Hey boo! Just resending my receipt since I originally sent it on Instagram a week back! Just making sure you know I paid! Thanks for all the tea G! We all really appreciate what you’re doing! Hoping you’re staying safe! ❤️❤️❤️


  12. Im confused is the tea going to here or on FB and when does it start ? I did pay .. but it seems anybody can view this blog

  13. I paid! Screen shot on fb ! Keep it private if they can’t pay a dollar for the tea you give they don’t need to be here!!

  14. Do we need to send screenshots again? I don’t mind! I just wanna dot all my i’s and cross all my T’s.

  15. How do we let you know our FB name? My name on FB is Shakira Mike Robinson but I’m registered here as Kira Mike

  16. So, am I signing in via wordpress? Because that’s the only sign-in I saw when trying to comment; other than adding my email for notifications and comment sign-in, I don’t see where to sign in for this blog. And I also paid while she was on FB. Thanks!

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