July 2, 2022

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56 thoughts on “Today is D day (delete day)

  1. Wendy Williams just said on her show she wasn’t going to the Clive davis party cause of the Whitney death a couple of years ago….then she said ummmm that’s the devil I just can’t.😟

    1. I hooked up 3 ladies up out the kindness of my heart. And they responded back, thanking me for the kind gesture. No biggie. ❤

  2. Happy I paid a few weeks ago before the FB shut out. I emailed twice (I did $5) but I figure you’re busy and will get to me at some point. Definitely learning some things here.

  3. Don’t make no mistakes and delete the right ones Gina! Lol love ya girl and all that do do by exposing the truth

  4. I paid as soon as you started the group on Facebook so don’t delete me or any of us by mistake girl ! Lol luv ya gina and all that you do!

  5. Good then we can get to the real stuff.. Like keshia performance, why jay z didn’t win anything( is it because he put his alb out independly) why b was in all black when everybody else wear white. Why cardi B was given retared answers on the red carpet makes me wonder are they making her act the way she do.. Why majority Atlantic records where winning.. Donthe recorded company have a say so in who wins awards.

    1. You don’t. You’re good. Once you paid your dollar, that’s it, unless you need to ask certain questions, then you pay extra.

  6. Gina rude 😂😂😂😂 “I don’t want your dollar go to ig and stay there.” 💀⚰️😂😂😂

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