September 29, 2022

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49 thoughts on “Part 3 The Truth Behind The Def Jam Secret Parties

      1. he was at a Hollywood party and a well known manger came up to him and grab his dick in front of his wife and everbody …..

      2. Yeah.. He didn’t wanna cause a seen… But people saying he might have mess up just saying something now..

  1. Oh my god….that party is a blackmail party…get you high, then go in a special room and be videotaped doing weird shit and months or years down the line use that tape against you.

      1. They don’t know about the secret room under The WH in DC. You know that room they select certain female celebs to cater to the presidents. I don’t mean The White House either. 😉

      2. Wtf a stroke at 23?!?! How the fuck does that happen?!!?! Are you going to go into detail ablut this

      1. See, remember yall thought I don’t know what I was talking about. Well, this is where I should have shut up on IG, took heed of my message and come over hear and get the information I was trying to tell yall!! But nawwww…yall done pissed me off to the point I was going to dropped names, the places, and why. Yall are going to learn one day to take a clue and let it be! Now, do yall want this damn 10lb bag of sugar or not? I am not playing with nobody with bullshit!

      2. When I say that room in DC is crazy, it is crazy! Omg! I wasn’t even supposed to go there! I was there for a hearing! And I happen to be by the place, so I called the old man up. He contacted somebody up there and they gave me a quick peek. I was shocked! These folks are evil!

      3. Oh and let’s not forget the tunnels! OMG! I didn’t know they do shit like that under the tunnels up there!! I actually witness this event!! Me and my cousin both! That is why I tell yall these things to help yall, not hurt yall! Now yall see why G got out of the game? Man!

    1. That damn room under The WH (Not the The White House) in DC, Chiillllleeee… Sometimes I wished I hadn’t serve my country. Mannnnn….they got these spots all over! I happen to know the one in DC!

      1. How I found out about that room was from 2 old dudes. One was a senator and his best friend was a Federal PI for The Pentagon. I was at the senator house getting some liquor from his house. And those two had this photo album. They asked me did I knew this lady? I looked at the pic and told them, “No.” It was Lola Falana hooking up with one of the senators in the DC area! When I say these parties go down, THEY GO DOWN!! They were the ones that told me where the spot was. I was shocked! And its gets even crazier! Its the same spot that our “Pop” and “RnB” female singers do servicemanship to the Presidents. Remember Marilyn Monroe and JFK? That room right there in DC is where it goes down! Oh there’s more!

      2. The Watergate Hotel! There is a restricted access underneath that hotel. And believe me…… what I saw from my sneek peek, I almost puke! I don’t have a weak stomach, but that made me sick to my stomach! Folks like Madonna, Britney Spears, Janet Jackson, Rihanna, Giselle, Katy Perry, Marilyn Monroe whoever was the popular female that came out, and wanted fame and money, had to do just that. Smh…Oh, I will get to tunnels too! Trust me! What I saw will make yall not want to go to certain parts in the DC/ VA area!

      3. From what I remember, the front part like the foyer, was normal. It had a bar, a seating area, you know a normal setting. One of the rooms had some chains in it. I remember that one because I tripped over one of them and skinned my knee. Another room had a bunch of candles and paddles. I remember that room because the sheets had so much candle wax on them that they throw them away. Now, I know the room that the president’s uses, they wouldn’t let me see. But there’s one room that gross me out! I went in that room, I saw condoms, puke, whips, thongs, wigs, you damn near name it! And the smell…OMG!! In fact, you know how a man just drink straight liquor and when they pissed, the urine is so strong that it smells like shit? That room was disguisting! I told that man to get me the hell outta there and I haven’t went back! Its a good size area, but hell to the no!!! I love slow money, not soulless money!

      4. Its part of their beta kitten programming. Damn, how can I word this without getting a lil confused. When you are a female industry, its like G said, they have rituals they go thru. Its three doors. Door number 1, you can do rituals. Door number 2, you can do blood sacrifices and Door number 3, you get your money the best way you know how. This mind kontrol (and I spelled it that way because its initial as MK Ultra) was originally started in the military. In fact, they still use it, ( I will break that down in a minute, so bear with me). But the CIA adopted it and started using it within the compound of their “underground world”. From there, this mind kontrol comes into many varieties as to how to gain power and most importantly mind kontrol. Now, I know I sound like I am reading a script or copy and paste this information, but I am not. In my world, you have no clue!

        You have all kinds of programming. Have you notice celebs have butterfly tattoos, lightining bolts or some weird ass tattoo on their body? Well, that’s the treatment that get from whatever mk program they are under.

        Now back to the military. Now they say it doesn’t exist. But in my world, it still exist. Prime example: Agent Orange>Vietnam War and Persian Gulf War. That chemical messed our asses up! And yall wonder why I cuss some of these youngings out on G’s blog? Yall have no clue. Cause in my world, I am one of them. Now you see why I was trying to tell yall hard-headed youngins this? Yall need to listen and read FIRST!!! Then ASK QUESTIONS!!! I am trying to school yall but yall too damn stubborn to shut up and listen! Take it from me! I DON’T WISHED THIS ON NOBODY!!!!

      5. Ceylon M- I’m doing an outline for a documentary I’m thinking of doing on MK Ultra. I’d really love to pick your ear about some of this if possible, please?

  2. Woooo baby you write like a whole author! If you ever had a book I’d def pay for all this again 😍. I’m so shook rn

      1. You really know what you talking about. I would love to hear more maybe you can clarify some theories I have

      1. Recently was caught with a tranny 🤔 wanna know why you gotta be anonymous… that’s who I’m assuming… lol

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