July 2, 2022

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57 thoughts on “The Music Industry Believes Blood Sacrifices are Destiny and Scientology is it’s only religion

  1. I believe that as well Beyoncé wasn’t on top until aaliyah died
    Diddy is the same. Jay-z he said he felt that it was his fault his nephew died which in a way was him admitting that’s who he choose to kill off

      1. Jay-z let him take his car and it got shot up and he died he talked about it in one of his older song in not sure which one

      2. Jay bought his nephew a car and he got into an ccient and died, thats what happens, as told in the song lost ones with chrisette michel

  2. I believe that.. I think they do it to get rich and famous but then relize it’s not what they want.. Like kanye when he had his break down we all know ita more to that… Kanye ain’t been the same… Biggie, 2pac, Mj-Chris brown.. Prince…

    1. Me too. I’m curious of Bey’s tie to Aaliyah. How come she’s able to just select her and they actually go back through with it. Iwould think it would have to be Timberland, Missy, or a family member.

  3. Rock the Boat reversed aka I Will Not Be Pushed tells it all. I remember the first time I heard it. It couldn’t get out of my head, and I was on the verge of tears. I have known of this since 2010, and I try to limit what I listen to.

  4. This is so sad what happened to Aaliyah, I always thought it was weird. I figured years ago they used her to make Beyonce career better. I totally belive the thing with P. Diddy, I still think he killed biggie. When he first died I said this and I knew nothing of the illuminati.

  5. I remembered that Mary J. Blige segment on BET. She was something spooked after that broadcast. Aaliyah was Beyonce’s come up and Dame’s Demise. Diddy came out of his own mouth and said, “I don’t care Big gotta die! I don’t care Pac gotta die! And I don’t care Suge gotta go to jail!” And I be damned if all 3 did happen!

      1. Oh! Yall talking about the diddy situation? On MWreck TV on YouTUBE. Diddy ‘s former bodyguard Gene Deal put it out. It is called ‘Raw Deal’: The Last Big Night. Its 3 parts to it. You gotta watch all 3! It is pretty darn good!

      1. Either it was the day of Aaliyah’s death or a day after. It was on 106 and Park. Free and AJ was hosting then.

  6. I watch it again and i still can’t believe it. Music industry really kill there artist. Have you see Josie and the pussy cat? It talking about record label killing artist

  7. I def knew about Jay & Diddy, smh. But did not have my eye on Aaliyah passing for Bey to get on top. What a damn shame. It’s super selfish, they were completely 2 diff artists.. Aaliyah was more of the girl next door that was a completely sweet & gentle but, yet a bad ass and Bey was suppose to be “classy, independent, glamorous, Diana Ross”. Why everybody can’t win :-/

    Also after those scary movies Aaliyah made (from the dawn/dark/vampire teeth) I was convinced she became demonic. She always presented her left eye and wore black? That’s confusing.
    Also Lisa Left Eye from TLC, another one that I thought was demonic but was killed….

  8. I totally feel all of this is true but I know you just not gonna tease us with just that please tell us some more if it’s safe for you… Is this it Guns?

  9. After watching the video I knew it had to be something deep for her family to not want her music released never the truly believed in living her dream out especially how much she loved her fans… This is so sad but glad they’re making the moves they’re making don’t let them greedy killers make a penny of her…💔💔

  10. Look how long it took the singer JoJo to get out of her contract with Blackground Records? 7 WHOLE YEARS!!! And who she signs up with next? ATLANTIC RECORDS!!! *drops & shakes my head*

      1. Yes it is! And Atlantic Records is the shadiest! That’s who Cardi B and Nicki Minaj are signed too.

  11. Yea even though I was young when she passed I always thought that was a set up!! Nothing about the trip or anything made since. I from Miami so I remember when she was here to shoot the video. I didn’t knew her but that whole thing still makes me truly sad.

  12. Y’all forgetting bout left eye the important giw she died is still crazy to me… Nobody else in the car but her come on now

  13. Thank goodness for the truth .. although your gut tells you something is wrong with all these “accidents”.. always remember the devils greatestest trick was convincing the world he didn’t exist . We know the real but folks will holler “conspiracy” because it’s hard to wrap ya brain around the fact that there are people so vile walking this earth ..
    respect ! Keep spreading the truth.

  14. This had me so emotional. I always get emotional over Aaliyah idk her in Michael seemed like genuine beautiful souls . I just think about all the amazing talented people we have lost to this soulless industry..

  15. When the Facebook page was still up someone mentioned Black Child’s videos on YouTube . I’ve been watching them for Days. What i got was, everyone makes a deal, but if you try to get out , or turn against them, they end you – Aaliyah, Prince, Michael are examples of this. So basically there’s no escape. After learning that I was happy not to be famous.

      1. Me too! I was the one who mentioned the 7 part series Satan’s Son to the group. You talk about crazy and spooky? Goodness gracious! 😨

  16. I been saying this for years and nobody wanted to listen to me!! I always said puff was the one who killed big and sug got rid of Tupac 😞

  17. This is Wiiiiild! We all know it to be true. Aaliyah was EVERYTHING. I always thought the plane crash was suspect smh.

  18. Still saddens me that BabyGirl is gone and didn’t get the chance to Perfect her acting and really show us how mature music😔🎶🎶🎶😇🖤 stuck with this depressed Bey 😂😵😒

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