July 2, 2022

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40 thoughts on “Coming Sat or Sunday The truth Behind the Def jam Secret Sex Meetings

    1. I agree. They have moles on IG. Some of the info should just be here. It’s easier to control who is seeing it. I’d rather have Gina safe than get scoop….I mean I love tea lol but love her more ya know

  1. Even tho I know this will be great to know cause it’s something we’ll never know being regulars.. Just be careful and cautious we don’t need you in no bull.. Much love to ya Boo😘😘😍😍

  2. Yes pretty girl, love the tea but like the others said – please be careful we love you fr out ❤ here. ❤❤❤❤

  3. Yeah …we don’t need the Sugar that bad… especially about the rituals and what not … That info is already out there…we thank you for the insight and sharing your personal story …For real!!!!. However, we do NOT want to anything to happen to you.

  4. Pebbles had the nerve to come after Chilli about L.A. Reid. Pebbles knew what time it was when it came to her husband! Hell, she did the exact same thing!

  5. From the looks of this old picture of LA Reid an Rihanna, she has definitely changed something about her face because she looks nothing like herself in this picture !

  6. G , I don’t get it! How can you have a God given talent (most) and end up like this?? I truly don’t believe you would be blessed w a talent and have to live a mediocre life. 🤦🏾‍♀️ like why is this

  7. Well I wanna know ALL the tea that’s why I joined this. I want to be “enlightened” on things they hide or hid from us. I PRAY THE BLOOD OF JESUS ON YOU G! God is real and he will send his army of protection. What god bless NO MAN CAN CURSE. With that being safe I want u always stay 10 steps ahead of them at all times. I’m here for IT ALL lol

  8. Im all for the tea, G. So please keep it coming.. Thanks for being risky and educating us. I just want you to be as safe as possible while doing it.

  9. the other post on part 1 is password protected why. is it only for who paid for special service. i dont understand

  10. Um 😐 Ms Gina, that last post you just posted that’s requiring a password to view the post, is not letting me in!!!! What password is it that I’m supposed to be entering? Is it my WordPress password? If so I tried to enter it and that didn’t work so I started thinking maybe I was entering the wrong password and I made up a new for WordPress! Once I changed the password because I had forgotten it, I tried to again to read the new post with the new password and yet it still isn’t working for me!!!

  11. To all the smart Ass’s talking crap about all the people confused about why their password isn’t working, it isn’t our fault at all!!! She sent the first post saying part one and it said to read the story you’d have to go to the website and enter the password!!! She never mentioned in the first email part 1 of the post that she has to give us a special password. She sent a second email about a hour later saying that she would give us the password later. So for the idiots taking shots and saying that we cannot comprehend and want instant gratification and blah blah, that BS the email was sent to us like it was ready to be viewed and it wasn’t explained to her followers that we had to wait for her to give us some special password! Miscommunication not on the followers! I understand y’all don’t want her to quit blogging because she’s gives her followers great stories but don’t be disrespectful to us!!!

  12. And as far as her going off about everyone complaining about why she hasn’t made HER blog private because it’s not fair that you paid a whole fuck’n BUCK for exclusive tea, get a damn life!!! Why are you concerning yourselves with who else can see the stories as long as you can if you paid!! That’s y’all fault for running to her crying in her DM’s about why isn’t it a private blog!! I would be irritated too! As far as her grammar sometimes it can be a bit confusing to understand what she has typed but most of the time you can understand what she is trying to say, y’all don’t have to hound her with messages every time she makes a grammatical error!! I have never bothered G not one time except about the confusion about the password situation and that was before she sent out a email about an hour later explaining she had to give us the password!!! The only thing I will agree with other followers about was the post from earlier this week when she wrote the story in bright blinding yellow/green letters, I had a hard time reading it because it did indeed bother my eyes. I’ll say for myself and everyone that’s here I think we all appreciate what she’s doing for us and the trouble she has gone through to keep the sugar flowing! I also do realize that a lot of people constantly in her comments and DM’s telling her I already paid and do they have to pay again is annoying Because all they have to do is read she has already explained that a million times!!! I can understand her also feeling unappreciated when she has people talking crap about her charging to have access to her blog is annoying as well!

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