The Truth Behind What Happened To Ciara’s Career



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Remember when Ciara came on the scene? She was the queen of Crunk and R&B? She went Multi-platinum with her first 2 albums, and we thought “ Ok here is Giselle’s and Rihanna‘s competition” Here is what they were saying about them all When they first came on the scene

“ Giselle is Mrs. Everything she can dance as well as she can sing she is the classic International Mega Star.

Rihanna is a Fashion Icon and trendsetter who is the opposite of Giselle. Very edgy and Rebellious and is more like the new age Madonna mixed with Aaliyah.

Ciara is an Incredible dancer that never had onc danced class. She is not a great Vocalist, but she makes up for it with Stage Presence and Club rocking bangers, She is Janet Jackson on the dance floor and More. The female Chris Brown when it comes to dancing” When we used to get the artist report from Sound Scan that they would put out, that was the word. Ciara was flying high behind the sounds of Jazzy Pha who crowned her the Crunk Queen. Now The rumors start.” Ciara is a man, Ciara is a Hermaphrodite, and she went on Oprah and made this announcement” You know what they say about people ‘they are followers, and if you tell enough followers lies enough times, they will start to believe it.’ Now when she went to put out her 3rd album there was no Jazzy Pha. Differences with the label caused this issue.  That was one problem but you know about that. What about the things you don’t know Like the issue she was causing in 2009 after she went on tour and was seen getting very close to a very famous rapper



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8 thoughts on “The Truth Behind What Happened To Ciara’s Career”

  1. Ciara first album is pure classic, she was DOPE when she dropped 👀 the rest!! Lol

    “I’d buy that for a dollar!”😂

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