October 6, 2022

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26 thoughts on “Part 3 The Truth Behind What Happen To Ciara’s Music Career

  1. Is that why Ciara and Bey had 2 songs with the same name around the same time? If I were a boy and ring the alarm…

  2. So you can keep that bitch over there giving’ me the ugly stare
    The one with the silicone ass, and the Brazilian hair

      1. I think I am going to put a special request in because 1 Kelly and Ciara are good friends it seems and she has the history with Gisselle and then 2 why didn’t Kelly get as big as her bandmate. In my opinion she is the better singer and prettier…. beehive please don’t come for me!

    1. Yep Ri always came across as someone unbothered and secure.. but I much rather see Ci CI 1 2 step on into modeling or something else anyways. the music industry shady af.

    2. Rihanna was so rude to her that night, I remember watching that and thinking 🤔 what the Fuck is Rihanna problem? I think 🤔 it was Joan Rivers who said something to Ciara about it and when Ciara said something then I think Rihanna called in or either started tweeting talking Shit. Ciara basically only said girl what the heck did I do to you, you were rude as hell last night. I don’t like Rihanna personally she is quite a little Bitch for no reason cause she can’t sing for real and of course like most mega stars she is overrated

  3. I have always said this; she did not change her sound. I felt If she had become more creative with her sound and look, she would have done much better…I never felt she was in competition with Rihanna since she never changed her sound or her look…she just remained in her own lane.

  4. In my opinion Ciara has come out on top of all this. Maybe her music career didn’t turn out how she wanted but her marriage and family is everything the other two don’t have.

  5. I read on you tube Giselle had something to do with that because of her jealousy of Ciara because she thought j wanted Ciara

  6. Oop 😳 Let me find out rih a hater! Lol Ri shouldnt have still been mad after J ended up not signing Ci, on top of C not really poppin how she used to so there’s no threat! 🙄🙄 Is there another part? I remember ppl saying rih was still taunting ci and that’s how love and affection came about lol and her and her friends took a pic laughing at ci for her empty show or something like that . This carried on a few years . Good read📰🗞

  7. I actually think Ciara is most successful out of them all. Call me crazy but least she isnt stuck married to a camel cheating evil fuck and has a beautiful husband and kids. She is pretty amd sexy and seems like a real person. Rih comew off so problematic with unhappiness of men and money. Bey is just a industry slave yuck.

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