September 29, 2022

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24 thoughts on “Part 2 The Truth Behind What Happened To Ciara’s Music Career

  1. Sis, now THIS is some sugar!! I never knew Jay even knew Ciara like that? Gisselle was smart to stop those dinners tho.

  2. Stay the course?! What does that mean and why did she stop working with Missy, timbalnd and Jazzy Pha? Jayz is fucking annoying.

  3. I like gisselle but she doing to much somebody young in sexy going to come in know her off that High hourse… Ciara, Keri Hilson no telling who next… Sza, kehlani…

  4. I need for Ciara stay close to what she is use to. And that is stick close to the people who held her down from the beginning.

    1. And if she don’t, she is going to feel the pain for the rest of her life! Hell, she is going to be tormented for all eternity! Can’t blame this on nobody but herself. She wanted it, now pay up bruh!!

  5. That’s why you NEVER saw them in a pic together….as long as they have been in the industry we shoulda seen them at least talking. Btw…i know Kelly and Ciara are good friends. How does that play out in Bey n Kelly’s relationship?

  6. This was some good tea always wondered what happened although some people thought she was trying to be the next Aaliyah but no one is as smooth as Aaliyah

  7. I never knew about this tour situation. I loved Ciara when she first came out I begged my mom to buy her cd. Me and my sister and cousins practiced all her videos to learn the routines. 😂😂 I know she isn’t much of a vocalist but hey neither is Janet. I hate how this industry is with feeling threatened by someone new coming in, everyone can shine.

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