July 2, 2022

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31 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The Real Reason We Call Blue Ivy’s Mom Giselle. Part 2

      1. I am still pissed lol I will always be pissed because even more than a bag that would have been the breaking story I needed to get my name out ya know?

  1. I don’t know why but I thought I was the only one that didn’t like her… She has a weird vibe but everyone says she is an angel…. Now I know why! Gracias G!

  2. Lordt! This is some straight sugar. Giselle comes across very phony at times as if she has to force her self to smile, when she doesn’t really want too from some interviews I’ve seen her in.

    Thanks for this G!

  3. This was soooo good! I used to idolize the famous so much when I was a teen. Now that I’m older I realize it was all smoke and mirrors and I feel bad for most of them. They’re trapped.

  4. Wow this is crazy, why are the standards set so high? Power?Money? They are Overrated the whole thought of her being the next “MJ” please no one can replace MJ and I think that’s the level that she wants to be tbh

  5. That’s fucked up G you still do ya thing though. Let’s get into that tea about Robyn though I stan her 😩 I hope it wasn’t anything bad on her part. Like her messing with jay or something. Hopefully it was just cause bey was jealous. Damn this is probably why they’ll never make music together. 😔

  6. Thats wild, but I’m not surprised at all. They are so protective over their images that its sickening. They arw afraid to remotely look normal and have normal issues. Thats why they had to make this whole cheating ordeal (Lemonade/4:44) such a theatrical event. Smh. She looks miserable. Her aura is definitely different. Half the time she looks dead inside compared to her back in the Destiny Child days.

  7. I remember when y’all told this on HotSugar. The real tea is “what happened between you and Cuban?” LOL!!

  8. Lol thank god i never liked this chick or her husband. They are two of the most corniest overrated couple ever existed. Jay works for a powerful devil so of course he would keep the story away. What I dont understand is if the Met gala was owned by solange? Who is she to tell him to kick Rachel out? Like who is solange?? Still not understanding why she went hard on kicking his ass like that. Lmao

  9. What a story!!! G you have lived my dear. I know it doesn’t seem like it but it’s good you didn’t break the story. They would have sued you for everything they could think of out of the behind. TMZ was able to bite that bullet because they have coins and lawyers.

  10. OK… so if they stopped you from spilling the tea how did the footage get out? Why didn’t that person get called out as well? I mean, I know the person was later fired, but how did he get around it? You only had words, they had footage. Clearly the concerned was placed in the wrong area. Because we saw it ALL.

  11. Okay I’m not defending the couple but I don’t understand what you expected. Did you think the couple should have let you run the story? Again just trying to understand because it seems a tad petty. Btw, I would have been shocked as I don’t know what if I’d gotten a call from that attorney. Nope, no thank you lol.

      1. messing with my money is taking food out of my family mouth that is personal and when u say somebody actss like a cunt in person isnt that personal? that was way before the story

  12. I see coz i asked the blogger of Spill the Sugar why she has so much animosity towards Giselle she told me to look at old posts coz she’s not explaining anymore. I tried to no avail.

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