October 6, 2022

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35 thoughts on “P.S.A On How to Not Get Locked out (Update)

    1. It will be easier for you in the long run, that way you can just read everything on your reader and follow what she posts.. Makes it easier for her to know who is who since she giving us all this tea.. JMO

    1. Hi, Use the free one and make up a name. But make sure you use the email address that you paid with. I just made one and it takes 3 minutes. I don’t think you have to post anything or blog, just have an account so you can still follow. Hope this helps.

      1. Hi,have you been accepted yet? I have now been accepted, this is what I done if you have not been accepted. Make sure your email address that u paid is linked to this blog, go to Instagram and direct message to her tell her your FB user name, FB email address, world press name and email address and attached your PayPal receipt ect and a screen shoot all so. I would not bother say it on this site because people on hear are going over the top towards people who are asking for help ect

  1. Hello I have a WordPress account and I followed ICYDK. However at the bottom of the page it now says follow in gray. When I initially followed it was green. Help please let me know if this will affect my access. As it stands I’m still getting my email notifications.

    1. It shouldn’t affect, but if you’re accessing on a tablet or laptop, verify that your logged in. That happened to me and when I clicked follow at the bottom of the page, I had to re-log in. Not sure if it signs out after some time.

    2. If you look to the left of the page if you see the number of followers and the following is green with a check mark.. you are good to go!

  2. I get the email when a new story is posted but, when I press the 3 dots, it’s telling me how to start my own site. Am I already signed in so I don’t get kicked out?? I’m sorry but my computer literacy is low LoL, I just don’t want to miss this sugar

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