September 29, 2022

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13 thoughts on “PT2 The Real Reason Nicki Minaj Does Not like Cardi B

  1. Sis!!! That lime green text is killing me… but I read it anyway LOL!! Anyway… Nicki is mad at the wrong damn person. It’s like getting mad at the other woman for her man chasing them- get mad st the label. Maybe no one complains about Cardi doing shit, (they did) because she’s likeable… you can’t get mad that they are doing the same shit for her, they did for you… you’re just on the outside now. You know the game. It’s not cardis fault so grow up!

  2. That’s crazy the record company put it out there and the media spreads it out and we “The ppl” dummies listen to it instead of having our own minds if you like nicki like Nicki if you like cardi like Cardi if you like both like both.. Next month might be somebody new

  3. Nicki’s problem should not be with Cardi. Especially if Cardi did not do anything to Nicki personally. My thing is, who is Nicki to say that someone doesn’t deserve their success or they’re not a real rapper. That’s not her right. Her problem is that she’s has taken issue with any female rapper that gets more shine than her. She has some nerve when she came into the game and stole Lil Kim’s whole persona. There was nothing original about Nicki Minaj, she came in the game as someone else’s clone so she has no room to talk. I’m over her and her “I’m better than these new females on the scene” attitude., and again, WHAT HAS CARDI DONE TO NICKI PERSONALLY? From this post, seems like she did nothing so Nicki just mad.

  4. Cardi is a puppet. If anyone should be mad at anyone it should be the labels! The rich white men capitlizing off the backs of beef and black sweat. Yeah I said it.

  5. Im confused on why Nicki Minaj mad cuz how cardi talk bout sex sucking dick and etc that who cardi has always been then and now Nicki never did anything like that just semi raps about do thats why when that paper magazine can people was shook cuz thats no nicki we know i guess 🙄 i don’t understand why they both cnt shine an win

  6. Really?!?! You all are funny. If you worked your ass off for over a decade to finally be taken serious then have loads of drama with your record label pushing back on your album release and making it impossible for you to continue to shine, you wouldnt feel a certain kind of way?!?!?! Damn all this cause Nicki said “what’s good Miley” smh

    Well Nicki better get a new career path. This is just stupid.

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