The Truth Behind The Breakup Between Tyga and Kylie Jenner pt 1

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Right now Kylie Jenner is rumored to be pregnant and it came at the strangest time. Right as she was finally making a name for herself as a savvy businesswoman. She made a reported 400 million off her lip kit and makeup line, she had got into real estate and flipped the first 2 houses she bought (quietly when no one was watching) and just when you started thinking to yourself “ Maybe I can do this “Kyga” thing they quietly break up for good. So you know how we do. if you want to know the truth, you have to start from the beginning. Now Tyga met Kylie Jenner and her family contrary to what people think first met Kylie as Kendall’s Sweet 16 party and even then at 14 she seemed to have something for him, After she stops dating Jaiden Smith Kyle starts to hang out with Chris Brown(who was fuckin Kendall) Trey Songz (who would later start fuckin Khloe and Tyga (who eventually would start fuckin her. Tyga denies on social media that is anything more than friends (smh) However Amber Rose told everyone that Tyga had left his baby mother Blacchyna for Kylie. Tyga once again denies the rumors because everyone is telling him “ she is a kid ‘ Tyga dated BC from 2011 to 2014 when they made it known they were no more Kylie starts to appear in Tyga’s Instagram. Let’s not forget before we get deep into the sugar. People like to blame Kim for everything when Kim is the one that minds her business the most. Kylie got Tyga’s number and got encouraged by Khloe, not by Kim. Khloe knew that Kim would be upset because at the time she and B. C were friends. So she sneakily gave Kylie Tyga’s number

End of Part 1


7 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The Breakup Between Tyga and Kylie Jenner pt 1”

  1. Thankssss G! Cause I need a understanding on all this FUCKERY….. from the beginning just how I like it lmao….. My mind always wondered “how” and “when’s” 😂…..

  2. Really never liked expected that from Khloe. Thats why she was on twitter defending her from what Amber said. Hmmm makes sense now.

  3. I remember that episode of the Kardashians when Tyga performed at Kendalls Sweet 16. Kylie was all wide eyed over him. I’m not surprised at Khole bc Kylie is closer to her. Plus Khole admits she was taking flights for the dick, as a teen.

    I just find it funny that on Life of Kylie, she said they broke up bc she is young and wants to experience life. And that she didnt want to regret losing the prime of her life to something so serious (their relationship). But turns around and does something even more serious , getting pregnant..

  4. Khloe is wack for that. I hope someone does the same to her. That’s why she was the most mad about blac & rob, especially cause they’re closer. You ain’t have no problem when it wasn’t someone you weren’t related to.

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