September 29, 2022

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20 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The Break-up of Kylie Jenner and Tyga pt 3 (Final)

    1. I don’t think Kylie was ugly b4.. with all the plastic shit she’s done to her face I think she looked better before.. her face is like she got on a mask.😂 but right about Travis, he ugly lol.. you never really know, ugly parent make beautiful kids..🤣🤣🤣

    1. Because they’re witches. I saw this video on YouTube about the first Kardashian woman who asked a coven of witches to ensure the remaining females in her family have nothing but good looks, fame, and money.

      1. I saw this too and believe every word of it. And people got to research to learn the truth about these so called celebs they idolize..

    2. Tyga said on the breakfast club because, they know how to be a boss. Some men really like women that think like a man and run shit.

  1. I just noticed that Kylie is the only one not showing her body in the calvin ad….she shows breast…but Khloe arm and cover strategically cover her mid section up which means…she was preggers here and noticable that they hid it…

  2. Thx G and all makes sense. Kylie is due around the same time as me, mid feb and to know khloe was the instigator to her and tyga slots perfectly. I wonder why she and BC were always so awkward with each other, that was evident in the show. In my world she would have been given a beatdown. Then Kendall having her way with Scott to then pass him onto Kylie, ewwww and trained by the best, Momma Jenner, smh.

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