The Truth Behind The Beef between Kanye and Justin Timberlake




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A lot of people had no idea there was any  situation, Nothing big but just #incaseyoudidn’tknow   

There are a couple of stories out there but I will tell you the backstory to that.  When Jigga had decided to work on the songs with Justin Timberlake at the same time he was working on Watch The Throne. Now Kanye has never liked Justin Timberlake, ever since the whole Janet Jackson thing happened at The Superbowl Kanye used to sit around and call Justin corny for not coming to the defense of Janet Jackson So when he found out Jay-z was doing songs with Justin he wasn’t too pleased. Now when Jay-z played Holy Grail and Kanye heard it he was like yo let’s get this for watch the throne it fits perfectly” Jay was like Nah I can’t because  Justin singing on this song.  So Kanye was like “I can’t get on it I don’t think Justin will mind me getting on it and if he does so what it’s your record ” But Jay was like “naw I’m not going to do that”  So Kanye was a little upset cause he felt Jay blew him off  and he sees Jay now hanging with Justin and Kanye has always thought Justin came across a little bit like a phony. So when Kanye came out and said: “suit and tie sucked”  Jay got very offended and Justin really wanted to say something to Kanye and Justin call himself wanting to approach Kanye and I think it is a good thing Jay stopped him and said he will take care of it. So Justin Goes on SNL with Jay-z and during the suit and tie song he changes his verse and says ” my hits so sick got rappers acting Dramatic”   He was speaking about Kanye because Kanye told the world he wasn’t fuckin with Suit and tie plus Kanye as I said always tried to slight Justin he just never liked him. Kanye actually felt as though Jigga should embrace Chris Brown more because he is the brother, Jay shot that down quickly and J did what he does Best he calls a meeting with Kanye and J, T. Of course, trying to hash out their differences. Justin is whining saying ” you shouldn’t say our song is garbage because you have a huge following and they will believe you” Kanye allegedly said “they like me cause I’m the truth and I tell truth. In the end, they agreed to squash their beef but Kanye will don’t fuck with Timberlake.   So now you know 🙂


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13 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The Beef between Kanye and Justin Timberlake”

    1. And look how long it took him to apologized to Janet? About to be 14 damn years as of February 1, 2018! Now that’s a damn shame!

      1. It took you 14 years to apologized? Mannnnnn….get the fuck outta here! Justin setup Janet’s demised and she had to pay that big ass fine!

  1. Interesting…. I’m not surprised. To have mutual friends you never see them together or you see them across the room from each other. Kanye is someone most people would at least attempt to be cool with cuz at this time he was in top of the charts and his productions were a must for people.

  2. I respect Kanye on all levels as a person and artist. At first I admit, i stopped liking him around that dumb ass “Beyonce was better moment” but after his rant, i see his genuine side of being a human. Damn Kanye is so misunderstood. Justin is gross and gives me bad vibes. I do not like any of his music amd never have. Justin probably deep into the illuminati and likes it.

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