The Truth Behind Nicki Minaj and Cardi B not performing Motorsport Together

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Hit record and they swear they are “cool” and all the fans say ” the media is pitting these women against each other” Right?—– Well, let’s see when the song first Dropped Nicki did not promote it then when people started mentioning it, all of a sudden she promotes it but never mentions Cardi at all. Now I went on record long ago and told yall  ‘Nicki was not happy that Drake bought Cardi out during OVO fest” but just to not come off as bothered she didn’t say anything but from what we got? she was pissed. We also brought up to you as much as people fought us on it that ‘The song did not sound planned at all’. We also brought up that it sounds like it was mixed 2 separate times and places.  Then we told you why Nicki did not show up at that video shoot when you did not see her there. These delusional people that act as though these two have to get along literally said “Nicki will be there”   Why wasn’t she? BECAUSE THESE 2 DON’T fucks WITH EACH OTHER  That’s why.  Then you saw the phony ” we could make out and people still will say we aren’t cool”  that was about the phoniest come back ever. Now the video, they are in totally different places looked like they were filmed by 2 different videographers.  Now the performances they have been performing these songs separately. Now what will probably happen is Nicki once or twice will bring out  Quavo maybe even take-off but unless a load of money is exchanged the two have made it clear they will not perform with each other I was told that directly by the same connect that has been spot on so far. The verses are clearly coming at each other. So as I said, do not expect to see these two performing this record together and if they ever do definitely don’t expect Nicki to be on stage getting hype for Cardi or vice versa.  So expect to see them continue to perform the song separately.  Some award shows were trying to get them to perform it. The Grammy’s are coming up would be a perfect time.


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21 thoughts on “The Truth Behind Nicki Minaj and Cardi B not performing Motorsport Together”

  1. But why do it matter if they are not cool or do not perform together. We dnt have to like everybody that is in our same profession i know i dnt. So for nicki not to seem like she care she just left. Like i dnt care. Let them be them

  2. but whats really the problem??? wheres the beef? did cardi f**k Nicki’s man vise versa? why can these two women just understand that they are both artists ( bad or good) and respect eachother. #UNITY

    1. I was wondering the same thing too, I mean maybe she just don’t wan’t anyone taking her shine, which is silly.. I guess some people just wake up deciding not to like certain people, lol. Hollyweird/Industry phony anyways.


  4. When cardi said ppl she look up to in the game is now dissing her I knew it… You can tell it was 2 parts just by the verse… Even Nicki said when she went back it and heard the song over she realize some things…

  5. I blame this on SAFAREE and TRUMP lmaoooo cause if Nicki never left safaree she wouldn’t be in all this DRAMA BS n….. We can just blame TRUMP for everything that does NOT go right in this country! Lmaooooooo 😂😂😂😂

    1. Okay, I second that, especially blame Cheeto for everything that went wromg woth this country! 😂😂😂😂😂

  6. Nicki can’t stand anyone that’s she see as a threat.. But cardi better enjoy this while she can bc she’ll be in nicki’s position after they Use her until she’s no good to them smh

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