July 1, 2022

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15 thoughts on “Part 2 The Truth Behind The Breakup of Kylie Jenner and Tyga

  1. How stupid to cheat on someone who’s paying your bills smh… men so stupid but hell she was the bigger Fool for paying them

  2. He we getting tired of it anyway.. He said on the breakfast club he was tired of all the social media.. Yes he was talking to her before she was legal but he wasn’t fenna keep but his whole life out there so that was also part of it and she eas taking care of his ass

  3. Might be another reason why she’s been hiding. If she was messing with them both, she might not be sure who the father is. After all, isnt it rumored that Tyga wants a paternity test done? That might also be why Travis isn’t as present. You know the Kardashians love a scandal, as long as they can spin it in their favor, but this would be a very unfavorable one. Especially when Kylie was being prepped to take the throne from Kim as the head Kardashian.

  4. I want to know why the hell was she paying his bills and shit ? Did he need her to or was it just because she had money ? Like is he broke ? I would feel like a whole hoe outchea having my bitch take care of me. 😂😂😂 that’s probably why he started cheating on her young ass he had to feel manly again. That’s the best way for nikkas to feel like their dicks are big again. 🙄

  5. Yeah Tyga already explained in his interview with Big Boy that he knew Kylie and Travis were a thing before the public knew because they were already broken up and he would see them at parties we were just finding out

  6. Kylie is a Leo, like myself. I am very self aware. And one thing I know about Leo’s is we go where there is comfort. We are never truly single (in a sense of being completely alone and not talking to anyone) when ending a situation we’re usually starting another and won’t completely dead one until we’re sure about the other but are very loyal and committed. We hold on until we simply can’t take anymore… as you can see, it’s harder for us to see people for who they are when we’re in love with them… more than other signs. (Not proud, just honest)

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