September 29, 2022

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46 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The Song Halo by Giselle Knowles

  1. So was her dad her handler b4 Jigga? And wasn’t he suppose to be Aaliyah’s handler b4 they killed her? Didn’t Aaliyah turn down Beyoncé’s role b4 they had her killed? Was she a witch too? Because her last song she said for them to choose Beyoncé when it was played backwards.

      1. what he was saying? basically how everything has been planned for us (social media will be charging in the near future) we are being conditioned to accept certain things. He spoke on the fact he and Tina were millionaire (salon) before Bey had money…they never relied on her. Just a back story on them.. but he alluded to some things. The other panelist spoke on things as well…even a few ppl G has mentioned being “boy toys”

      2. I agree with you. I don’t think her dad meant any ill will towards her. N I have peeped game on how she USED to thank god…. NOW…. ((**shrugs shoulders**))…..

    1. Yep! Mathew was definitely her handler until he had gotten two women pregnant and started taking more money than he should.

  2. I really wish she was blinded by love. I think she should’ve kept herself in line with her father, but I think she really wanted to be the best! and it ultimately required more than she thought? She was easier to manipulate? Why did Aaliyah turn him down? was it Mya that turned I’m down as well? (referring to her post)

  3. Isnt this around the time she got pregnant too?! It is sad 🙁 i dont fully grasp the meaning of the song, mayne cause I’m still naive to all this crazy shit. What other artists sing witch song?

  4. Also, she looks like a full on witch in 2012 at tje Super Bowl half show. She looks demonic. Now I dont feel crazy agreeing with how she isnt even normal anymore, almost like she isnt even human.

      1. That’s what I’m thinking too. Just like the clips from the basketball game. I think Net self-medicates

  5. But what about the song being written originally for Leona Lewis. I’ve heard that it was but somehow Beyonce recorded it. Was that true?

  6. Kinda figure in the get me body video if you really pay attention you see little sign… Halo in my opinion is like her I let him enter to me I’m one of them now song. Just like riri umbrella song(good girl gone bad)
    They did say blue was 😈 child

  7. Shut the front door, this is one of my favorite songs by her. Never thought it could mean anything, but what it was presented as at face value.

      1. I agree, but I know the lyrics by heart lol. I guess we don’t see it because we sing it coming from a positive place.

      1. At this stage it don’t even seem like she wants to leave. Maybe her one year hiatus was her considering weather to go all the way or not

    1. I always wondered that too, she might be too scared to leave.. I personally think she could do so much better without that camel. But it seems like a business marriage IMO.. All of this is just sad.

  8. These questions. There is nothing demonic about beyonce. she’s just following formations. Her husband is a btilliant businessman. Thats how shes the best. Listening to him. Just so yall know, she aisnt leaving any time soon or later. Thwre may have been some warfare between jay and dame but trust, dont think any one of them killed aaliyah. It was the plane that killed her. Dame really was in love with her.

  9. i’m almost scared for her that if she finally ever decides she wants out she might be killed, also shes getting up there to that age where that start trying to push you out i wonder who’ll take her place, shes still very valuable though because she makes them so much money so we’ll see.

  10. Wow i genuinely noticed the big difference in her music and the difference in how she carried herself when she came out with that son and video with Lady Gaga. I use to look up to her, and I was starting to question her songs and the way she acted. But when that lady Gaga video came out. I was like no that’s it, what happen to my classy Beyoncé that I loved so much. I obviously couldn’t put my finger on it. But this makes a lot of sense, I youtubed a lot of this stuff in 2019 and I was in denial. I actually liked this song, but I this is just another ritual song. #disgrace.

    Btw G, I also interned for Def jam for about 2 weeks in like 2010 bc I couldn’t get my college to approve the “internship” with Def jam. I got in the door from a great friend that helped me, her name is Jazzpo (which is part of rocnation now, #sideye) and I was working with Briana Perkins. I remembered that I was aloud to listen to music in the internship room, so I did pretty loud and was cleaning that messy office out. And I remembered LA Reid passed by the office, paused and stared at me. When I looked up he smiled and kept moving. I was so nervous after that. I interned for free and my main job was def to get these people food. I was so upset I could not continue, but I can see God was looking out for me. #blessed

  11. I have an inkling that Beyonce fans worship her, like she’s a false idol or something. Her fans will fight tooth and nail for her, defending her and they don’t even personally know her. The whole thing is strange. I don’t listen to her music anymore.

    1. I was done when I saw this video of her fans at a awards show screaming her name. And when she did her Pope wave, they flipped out in excitement saying, “She blesses the kids”. At that point knew the obsession of some of her fans was too real. Worshipping false prophets.

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