July 6, 2022

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33 thoughts on “The Truth Behind Omarion and His Solo Career

  1. To keep working with your alleged abuser is weird. The movie ‘Til Death Do us Part was produced by both of them.” and that came out last year.

    1. This is true and the movie was very good, in my opinion! I remember this allegations so vividly because I was so obsessed with b2k!! That shit was like WHAT THE FUCK 😵😵 and at that point is when I dug deep into the music and Disney industry on all the molesting they do to manipulate those kids SMH

  2. He came out with a hit song tho last summer or 2 summers ago under Rick Ross, you saw the “making of it” on love & hip hop Hollywood. So I thought he was going to come back. But, after that great hit their wasn’t a second great one or an album. …

    1. He’s making an album now. I’m not sure if he’s still under mmg though. Follow his insta, he’s more self aware now with his brother O’Ryan.

    2. They probably passed him around MMG real quick and got him outta there. Though I am extremely fond of Diddy I feel deeply he is s predator and all his close buddies are too.

  3. So that explains why Omarion doesn’t want a B2K reunion. Fizz definitely brought it up on the last season of LHHH! April plain and flat out told Fizz, that Omarion doesn’t have “the heart” of it any more. And this explains it.

  4. This is good insight. But please tell me why his career hasn’t taken off. He clearly made a deal and has had successful singles yet he has not ascended the way CB has. Also, was the CB/Rihanna thing a planned event?

  5. I remember this like it was yesterday wow. If you watch LHHH . Fizz was trying to get them back together .. minus Raz- B but Omarion wouldn’t even answer his calls . It all makes perfect sense now .. I see Omarion working on new music but I also see he’s been spending a lot of time in South Africa .. notice everyone goes back to the motherland after these devils try in claim their souls … I just can’t wait until there is a time where music is purely music .. no hidden agendas

  6. Yep. That’s wht when fizz tryed to get the group back together he was dogging calls and raz B couldn’t be found

  7. OMG…so bust it check it listen…I too am a former (30’s) JW kid and…the whole Marques getting molested by Chris is definitely a true thing…down the line it was article from JW organization about how, some “Newl’y” dedicated followers were using their spotlight to shine light on the religion in a bad way. The gossip around the organization is that he struggled with thoughts of bisexual and letting go of that to become a baptized follower.

  8. I follow O on ig he has good music that he is coming out with but I don’t hear it on the radio like I do Breezy

  9. That’s the reason he doesn’t want to get back with the group.. He doesn’t wanna relive those memories.. I’m guessing

  10. This is true because i followed Raz on twitter a couple years ago and he was tweeting about a tell all book exposing some people in Hollywood and next thing i know i read he had an “accident “ where his arm almost got cut off due to him “ accidentally falling through a glass window or door “ I️ can’t remember which so he eventually gets back on Twitter saying thanks for the well wishes everyone etc I️ accidentally fell through a glass door so I️ called bullshit n i @‘d him n said “ how do u accidentally fall through a glass door? i said it sounds like u pissed someone off n they came to see about u next thing i know i get a notification that Raz b is now following u.

  11. So by Timbaland being in this Video bc Omarion’s time was running out and he needed to pass the final test, it had to be the same reason he was in Aaliyah’s “WE Need a Resolution” video!!! It makes sense now

  12. I believe them. J-boog was serious!! Isn’t he doing management or something now.. or has his own indie label??

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