July 2, 2022

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7 thoughts on “The Truth Behind the Khloe Kardashian,Tristan Thompson and Jordan Craig Situation

  1. Wow! My mouth literally dropped once you said Jordan and Eniko are cousins. It makes so much sense if you really put two and two together, how still all played out. Especially Jordan’s relationship with the Harts. But I wouldn’t be surprised if Kevin did know they were together (but probably going through a rocky time) and still gave Tristan Khloe’s number on the low. Can’t put nothing past Kevin’s sneaky cheatin ass.

  2. Honestly is it really his baby !? I feel that he would have posted the baby at least once. She also doesn’t show his face on her insta lol went to her page to look. I think she doesn’t know who the father is especially if they were on and off then definitely over when she would’ve gotten pregnant

    1. It is baby! She doesn’t even post the baby! Don’t listen to this blog, bc for one they dated for more than 2 yrs. N she have not spoken to anyone from her family, bc they are all tide mouth n would not give any information out. Second she call out all these other baller names is a joke, like her n her sister, n some cousins don’t look alike! Pathetic

  3. The baby is for Tristan, n he looks like him. T is a worthless Jamaican that wanted fame. My FYI Jordy comes from money, not only her father is a producer but they own alot of things in Jamaica (business, hotels). For u to sit up here n assume from IG then talk about her family is a joke 🙄. The real tea was he said he wasn’t ready for a kid, but less than a year later u r! Hmm so stop lying.

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