July 5, 2022

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45 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The Continued Delay of Nicki Minaj and Cardi B’s Albums

  1. Yes! This is good. The question is, will Drake buy them out? He seems pretty loyal. Also, how has he not been affected by this whole thing with Birdman? Did he make better moves than Nicki & Wayne?

    1. yes much smarter and remember he put his own money up for OVO that is how he was able to put out music with birdman in this jam. Nicki signed a 5 album deal with Birdman and she has only done 3 albums where in Drizzy has what? 6?

    2. I think because Drake was putting out more albums than nicki and that worked in his favor, because he was able to give them his 4 or 5 albums and be finish with birdman

      1. Its almost like Drake seen this coming and was like, “let me satisfy my contract obligations and get my own shit together while im popping so when Cash money goes broke, im good both ways, forevaaa” 😂 Smart moves, smart moves

  2. I noticed that a few Giselle fan Instagram accounts are reposting an article saying that it’s Cardis time and that it is over for Giselle. Is this an attempt to keep attention on Cardi until she drops her album? Or is this a message?

  3. I don’t see why they can’t coexist it isn’t like there are a ton of female rappers out here to begin with. But just how everyone was loving Nikki and pushing her before that’s how it is for Cardi now and she should keep that in mind

    1. but a lot of people are too young to remember that these women were all fighting when they were all out foxy and kim foxy n eve kim and eve kim and remy they were doing the same thing

      1. You’re right they were idk I prefer you trash talk each other on a track. Shoo you can even meet up at a club and fight I’m here for all of that but only one female rapper period that’s boring

      1. Yeah but he does seem to be the most loyal, real person that she has ever had. I think eventually she will take him back especially if she hits rock bottom. She knows that he will bust his ads to get her back on top

  4. If Drake buys them out their deal the whole OVO camp will have to change the way they rollout albums. Most of his artist on his label don’t get that much promotion or crazy marketing. They announce their album is coming give a date and hope their core audience will rock with them. Every time Nicki has an album there a lot of money put into marketing and promotions for her.

  5. I’m so hurt by the way they are doing my good sis Onika I been rocking with her since mixtape days smh. I hate how their is such controversy behind female rappers like they all can win its money out here for all of them. Idk belcalis’s stance in all this but I hope she’s just a pawn and doesn’t have anything personal against Nicki. Wanting to rich and famous comes with so much you have to have the grit for this business for sure. I hope onika and cardi wins.

  6. I hope both ladies win, it’s room for them both to eat. Why must one win over the other. You never see this type of mess with men.

    1. you do except people love it and they cheer it on Drake and Meek Kendrick has gone at Big sean Drake and Jay z trust me Men do it as well LL Cool J and Kool mo dee LL and Ice Tee Nas and Jay z but people cheer that on and they act like they don’t like it with women

  7. I’m sad for Nicki I like her but they say she has nasty attitude so do most women though. My whole thing is everybodys saying it’s room for both ladies. What about the other ladies who deserve a chance? People are so simple it’s like they can only focus on one woman at a time. It’s ridiculous

  8. Aside from Bodak Yellow (a meh song IMO, but it was a hit so I’ll give her that), seems like Cardi is only really getting shine from features too. Because of that I just can’t see all them “records” she’s apparently breaking as her own accomplishments. All these songs are just features, and Bartier Cardi wasn’t that great either (imo). I like Cardi and think that she’s entertaining, perfect for social media and tv, but she’s a mediocre and inconsistent artist. So I have such a hard time attaching these high-praising titles to her with because of a lil verse here and there on other people’s songs. All your info on the behind the scenes stuff makes so much sense, Gina. Good for Nicki for making it tough for them though, at least she’s playing the game too haha.

    1. Like Gina said there’s a whole lot of Payola manipulation for her to “break” these records. Cardi is a very mediocre artist. Entertaining for social media and tv, but I do not see the star quality as a rapper and she has no stage presence either. It’s like they searched for a popular person on social media and bought her way into the music industry.

      1. Cardi worked for her spot. Her stripping money she invested into her music. She even went to DJ Clue’s house or wherever to get him to play her music. Regardless of what Atlantic is doing, she hustled her ass off. Did they offer her deal when they heard her mixtapes? Who knows but what Atlantic decides to do with Nicki isn’t Cardi’s doing.

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