October 1, 2022

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18 thoughts on “The Producers Too?

  1. This makes complete sense, when I went to the Watch the Throne Concert and Jay Z and Kanye did Niggaz in Paris back to back at least 10 times, everyone including myself were in a trance. The whole stadium looked like they had been hypnotised and I left wondering how one song could have an ability to control people in the way it did. It was a very weird experience. And actually I can’t even really listen to the song now because all I can think of is conditioning.

    1. I had that too and I was with my husband but he didn’t like it and was just annoyed. I got mad that he didn’t get it. I cannot listen to the song now it’s crazy. It made me feel some type of way still cannot explain it

  2. Shook!!! My mom always told me classical music was on a different frequency than current music and the frequency classical music is on is better for our brains. That’s why it’s such a good thing to play for babies and kids. This confirms everything she said years ago.

  3. I listened to all of John Todd’s tapes and he spoke about this. It only makes sense this happened when the change occurred in urban music. They had to find a way to control us, especially since the music was uplifting us at one point in time.

    1. Daft Punk’s songs veridis quo and short circuit talk about it. If you watch you interstellla 5555 on YouTube daft punk shows everything John Todd talked about.

  4. Yes I believe this. I was confused how I could memorize a song hearing it on the radio only a few times and not even liking the artist. Nicki Minaj for example. I don’t care for her music. But why do I know the words to her songs and can hear the music in my head clearly? Thanks G

  5. I always knew this. This is exactly why I do not listen to these new music of today. its just god awful. I definitely do not listen to the garbage that Jayz and Kanye puts out these days. Only old school, feel good music in my ears only.

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