July 1, 2022

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35 thoughts on “The Moment I got off The Plane

  1. Damnnnn Gina baby, they tapping your phone now‼️🤔 girllll that’s not wassup watch yourself 💓

    1. Smh that’s scary as hell! Please keep us posted so we know you are okay 😔 i feel so bad for you. I really think what you do is amazing ❤❤❤❤

  2. They know that you know a lot and are willing to shed light and truth to the game. Stay safe, I’m sending you protection and positive energy.

  3. I knew something was wrong when the page was showing the same comments over and over again. I said, someone snitched.
    I’m glad you’re okay.

  4. Respect G
    Can’t let them silence the truth .
    I knew it was something wrong when I couldn’t get in the group smh .. keep us posted and stay safe

  5. That’s the same thing that happened to Vigilant Citizen! But after they wiped the page out 3 or more times the last time he/she came back it was different like maybe someone else is writing the articles now

  6. That is so unnerving to hear that you have to go through this. I want to find the story to what happened the night you left salary in the table? I have to know what happened. And do you have any idea how the “Illuminati”/powers that be got this evil hold or entrapment started?

  7. If it’s clicking they listening don’t think for a minute they aren’t. If they’ve tapped you they are following you also if my little country city will do it to take down some level drug dealers…..come on man!

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