September 29, 2022

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39 thoughts on “They Can’t Stop The Truth

      1. How do I follow this page? I paid but I don’t see a FOLLOW button! I wanna make sure I’m linked!

  1. Crazy because I paid and signed up for notifications whenever your post. They send every single post and comment to my email. The Sony email never sent… At all. Very strange. Be safe G!

      1. Will you be reposting that Sony sugar here? I can not believe it was that quick!! So scary. Stay safe pls. Xo

  2. I don’t see the Sony post… Also can you add the real sugar on Kevin Hart? Don’t remember if I missed it. Take care G we are with you

  3. I just realized they shut you down. They’re afraid of you. They know you’re the truth. Be careful in these streets. You obviously are a topic of discussion.

  4. G….. I’m appalled at all the people that have been complaining about or not wanting to pay $1…. on some real s***… I would’ve and you should’ve charged more!!! It’s worth it really… you give us the real behind the scene 411…. a magazine itself costs a couple dollars a month and let’s keep it real…. most of it is BS! You’ve got my support 100% and I look forward to reading your blog daily!

    1. Thank you so much and i am really stunned i am not gonna lie when there blogs out there charging 10.00 and you get nothing but some gossip that half of it isnt true. thank you for the kind words

  5. I think im going to be here from now on. Them haters on facebook apparently cant read. People trying to explain to them whats going on and they start throwing insults on your FB page.

  6. I think the saddest thing about this is these people think Satan will save them! They really believe they’re safe from the wrath…smh

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