September 29, 2022

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40 thoughts on “PSA All Paid Sugar Babies and Unpaid Sugar babies

      1. Gina, how will you be able to determine who has paid. Just wanted to kno how i can avoid being locked out as I paid through cash app during the Facebook phase. Do I need to send email?

    1. I really think she’s thI surrogate but if yes then why all the secrecy from the family. They got famous from a sex tape truly nothing about them should be off limits 🤷🏽‍♀️

  1. Thanks Gina, we appreciate you sharing your stories and also giving us stories about the people in the industry. I find it insulting to our intelligence that they paint this people as “perfect” and they don’t want the truth about their faults out, that’s what makes them human. Keep telling you story!

  2. Everyone keeps telling Monique she should have gotten better lawyers idk what to think but I’m not boycotting Netflix

    1. Hdll naw I love Monique… Buy she ain’t cancel nexflix or Hulu for.. Nit even when she said stop watching Oprah and TP shows and movies… I’m sorry yes she a legend but your not where or who you use to be

  3. All sugar aside, it’s very real and brave of you to do what you are doing. Although I don’t know you personally, I commend you for leaving an industry that sells an illusion of luxury and happiness but in reality is engulfing souls. I hope this and all of your future ventures are successful.

  4. Thank you Gina we appreciate you so much, all of us . We love you. And thank you for being brave and standing up to this people. Thank you for being you . Much love from me in SA (Africa)

  5. Thanks for this… And I think Monique should have taken the money and rolled with it. I understand her point, however, if you not working with shit and someone takes a chance on you, work it to your benefit.

    1. I agree with all of this , I think sometimes she takes bad advice from her husband and others.. She acts way too cocky to not be doing anything.
      I understand what she is saying but she is already blacklisted, this may have been another outlet her to use, and then renegotiate more money later.. But me and netflix still going to chill though.

  6. Can’t wait for the tyga and Kylie- I swear I barely go on IG anymore- I think you’re the only reason I’ve stayed on social media as long as I did lol- grew up around the same time as u so I’m lovinggggg you and everything u share with us. Thank you!!! I think this will be cool for u and probably work out better than fb- that was really confusing to follow and read bc of the other comments— wishing you success and happy to be a part of it to support u!
    Re Monique… I’m thinking ppl are just looking out for themselves. It’s hard to get ppl to unite and become one… I think history plays a big role in minorities not supporting one another as they should-
    PS if u have any business ideas that u need workers investors for holla- I’m a teacher so this new tax reform will probably hurt me at the end- would love a business to be able to benefit from the reform-
    Also not sure if you have connects in children’s books publishing- i asked on IG too 🙂

  7. Plot twist: the baby is/ was Kylie’s but to avoid controversy they say it’s Kim’s. The child will be raised as Kim’s never knowing her real mother is Kylie. Just like Khloe and her dad….

  8. Thank you for sharing with us 🙂 I see you as a friend. We care about you and you’re risking a lot for us. And the stories have me hooked! What a wild life Odisha 👏🏾

  9. I appreciate you Gina! I feel like you’re my cousin with the tea! You are the ish girl! I will keep supporting you because you’re Trill. Stay safe G.

  10. You are amazing for what you do daily. I feel like we’re apart of a strange family. Lol. Thank you for being real. Btw are you doing any consulting services on how to start a business on social media? Be safe and take care of you first. Supporter always!

  11. Do you know why they aren’t going to do season 3 of the show Underground I thought people loved John Legend ?

  12. Thank you Gina for sharing your blog with us. I can’t wait to see what stories you have. I understand where Monique is coming from but she could have taken the money considering she hasn’t been relevant as of lately and just build again from there.

    1. Also more has been revealed by Roland Martin that Monique is the architect of her own demise and Netflix have responded that she was initally offered 3M but needed to audition which she declined because her ego wldnt accept it so they offered the flat fee of 500k. I think she’s damaged her career eve more and unlikely to recover as a result. My inital instincts was i was not boycotting because i felt it was a negotiation issue not a race or gender one and Netflix’s track record when it comes to black folks was, in my opinion, a good one.

  13. Awww Gina we really appreciate your sincere honesty and generosity. You have a good soul, and I hope God is always protecting you ! Xoxo

  14. Gina this is so heavy. Been following you for a while and your stories are the truth. Your willingness to help & tell us the sugar is so kind.

  15. Hun, i love your site for the gossip, no lie but as time has past i realise it’s more than that, it’s an education that all that glitters is certainly not gold and things are not as they appear. I appreciate you sharing but first and foremost, please be careful because I’d hate to hear anything happening to you for the sake of our appetite for industry sugar. I find you honorable and the real deal and that’s why i follow you and outside of IG and also feel you’re vulnerable. Don’t trust all that pay for this service because what’s $1 to $5 as we can still hold accounts that reveal nothing about ourselves.

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