October 3, 2022

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23 thoughts on “Facebook is also Illuminati

  1. The very reason why I no longer have a FB account. It’s too distracting and also is poisoning our minds with what the media portrays to us as the proper images and lifestyles of the world.

  2. Facebook is like that movie the Truman show .. all of the internet shit is … it’s one giant social experiment smh

  3. Told you not to do it. I only use FB for games only. I used to use it for communicating with family in the islands but now I use whatsapp for that even though I think that is owned by FB too. lol. Either way, IG is the way to go for me

  4. I hope you eventually do the blog only because alot of people seem ungrateful on the instagram, and I want you to be safe.. love what you do.

  5. Wow G be safe boo I told u were the only reason I went back don’t look at it as a bad thing now ur protected every thing happens for a reason I just felt like look at God because a lot of us didn’t want to be on there anyways I started getting messages from people I clearly didn’t want to associate with I’m glad we are here

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